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Post-Production Powerhouse Levels Audio Looks Towards the Future

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 18, 2023) – Award-winning, post-production house LEVELS AUDIO has expanded its animation department. The sound studio has joined forces with Supervising Sound Editor and Golden Reel Award nominee Hunter Curra (Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman) and Emmy-nominated Senior Sound Designer James Singleton (Big Mouth, Star Trek: Lower Decks) on various animation projects. 

Levels Audio, together with Curra and Singleton, are currently completing the sound design, sound effects editing, foley and mixing for the reboot of Clone High, set to be released in 2023 on HBO Max, among other soon-to-be-announced series. Beyond sound design, sound effects edits, foley and mixing, Levels Audio’s animation department also offers ADR and cast recording. Recently completed titles include Titmouse’s Annie Award-nominated feature Arlo the Alligator Boy and Netflix’s Inside Job, along with several other titles currently being recorded.

The audio house was founded in 1999 by two-time Grammy award winner and four-time Emmy award recipient Brian Riordan, who cut his post-production animation teeth working as an ADR mixer/recordist on Pixar mega features such as Toy Story II and A Bug’s Life, Disney’s Hercules and Tarzan, DreamWorks’ Shrek, and TV staples like Fox’s King of the Hill and MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head. The sound house is also no stranger to the animation world, having previously worked on Nickelodeon’s acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender and all four seasons of The Legend of Korra. This most recent department growth not only signifies the sound house’s prowess but its confidence in the future of animation. 

“The freedom we have in creating and mixing sound for animation is unparalleled,” stated Riordan. “It is a blank canvas that sound completely brings to life.  The future of immersive sound mixing for broadcast animation is especially exciting. Levels is thrilled to be expanding and further investing in this medium and we are deeply grateful for the relationships we have with incredible talent such as Hunter and James.”

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About Levels Audio

Levels Audio was established by musician/producer/recording engineer Brian Riordan in 1999 in response to a shortage of independently owned and operated post audio facilities. Levels Audio quickly became known as the destination of choice for producers seeking the best in audio post service. 

With regard to music production and recording, audio editing involves any changes made to the audio between the recording phase and the mixing phase. This can involve normalizing audio files, correcting timing issues, removing unwanted sections, or even changing the actual performance itself.

Brian Riordan – Founder & CEO, Levels Audio

Brian Riordan is a re-recording mixer, music mixer and producer, musician, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Levels Audio. Before starting the post-sound house, Riordan studied composition at the Berklee College of Music. He cut his teeth in audio engineering as a music mixer and producer, eventually making his way to commercials and feature animation films. In 1999, he founded Levels Audio in response to a shortage of independently owned and operated post-audio facilities. Since then, the sound house has worked with every major network and received numerous accolades for its post-production work in TV and film. Riordan is a two-time Grammy award winner, four-time Emmy award recipient and has received a staggering 20 Primetime Emmy nominations. Levels Audio embodies his life’s dream to facilitate the absolute best in audio post in an unmatched atmosphere of luxury.

When Riordan isn’t in the studio, he works with his nonprofit organization, Hollywood Compassion Coalition (HCC), which he co-founded with award-winning actress, director and producer Natalie Conneely. The collective is a group of Hollywood professionals and leading social scientists dedicated to bringing greater awareness to this industry’s psychological and emotional influence on audiences. For more information, visit

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