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Looking for a little inspiration to go your own way? Discover the story of entrepreneur Emery Holmes who worked his way to success with his own business.

A True Gem With The Strongest Spirit: Entrepreneur Emery Holmes

With the inspirational story of Emery Holmes, we want to bring to light the true properties and qualities of a successful entrepreneur today.

Emery Holmes started out pretty young in life, and since he was not from a privileged background, he did not have any prior benefits that would kick start his career as a whole. Therefore, he stuck to the method of starting everything from the scratch. The downside? He had to take care of everything on his own, and become a self-learned entrepreneur without having much help. The upside? He became more self-sufficient and independent, and also managed to cut out on or at least decrease the operational cost.

“I certainly remember learning a lot about how to run ads online and Google Adwords from my college roommate, he was really helpful then. In fact, I was very dedicated and did not want to waste a lot of time, hence I learned everything quickly and started to put it to work. I would retake almost 70 shots for a particular 3-minute video, but honestly, I would finish them all. It was a lot of honest effort.”, said Emery Holmes.

At present, Emery Holmes is working for IM ACADEMY. To introduce IM ACADEMY in short, it is an entirely home-based company that has the main target of simplifying trading along with the help of its very efficient educational platform. Actually, Emery Holmes was not that satisfied with his work as an online sales manager, and he wanted to expand his career a little more. The perfect combination of working hard and working smart made him learn about investing in the stock market. And guess who got lucky? Actually, he got smart and lucky at the same time.

Emery Holmes was making seven figures after almost three years of experience and continuous hard work. His $10,000 earning in one month was now getting rounded up to $250,000 monthly! It was far beyond impressive, it increased gradually from $10,000 to $25,000 to $50,000, and it hasn’t stopped since.

If there is one thing that Emery Holmes followed, it was to hop onto the trend before it was too late. He was never led to anything, if anything, he was early and already making a lot of advancements. Another impressive achievement was having a customer base of 300,000 people. This shift happened from only 1200, looks like someone got innovative at making marketing videos on YouTube.

Currently a very efficient man and successful individual, Emery Holmes has gone through the toughest of situations to reach this place today. getting over the death of his brother was one of the hardest things in his life, but life goes on and so does work. After all, time and tide stop for none. With a lot more to face in life, Emery Holmes keeps advancing and looking forward to more opportunities in the future. make sure to follow him on his social media handles that have been linked below:

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