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Do you need a new marketing campaign to help your business get through these tough times? Look no further than the award-winning Bright Design Studio.

Designing a Better World: Introducing Bright Design Studio

You’re used to hearing stories about how the pandemic has decimated businesses and caused many to close their doors. Luckily, it’s not all doom & gloom. The past year and  a half has also contained some amazing success stories about businesses & entrepreneurs realizing their dreams. That’s the case with Bright Design Studio, a graphic design firm that opened its doors in July 2020.

Based in Shanghai, Bright Design Studio boldly launched in the middle of the pandemic with a mission to help other businesses weather the storm by utilizing strong marketing techniques. Innovation & design are key components for any business, and Bright Design Studio can help businesses of all sizes navigate the new problems that come up in the world as we all continue to deal with the pandemic.

In a time where sad stories are all too common, Bright Design Studio is a welcome reminder that it’s still possible to create successful businesses while working through a pandemic. Let’s meet the company’s founder and explore the strategies that have helped Bright Design Studio beat the odds and thrive for the past year.

Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is the founder and driving force behind Bright Design Studio. She was born in Malaysia and raised in Brunei, but her business is now based out of Shanghai. She came up with the idea for her business while eating pizza – really. She and her close friends were eating and discussing their plans for life after the pandemic. Elaine’s friend encouraged her to start a business, and Elaine decided to take the leap.

Elaine began by asking herself what marketing for businesses would look like when everyone was forced to stay in their own home. She realized that businesses would need to change their past strategies and come up with innovative marketing plans if they wanted to stay alive. Elain knew that she could help businesses develop the new kinds of marketing that they would need.

Thriving in Shanghai

Big cities have been hit especially hard during the pandemic, but Bright Design Studio has made Shanghai into the perfect home. The city is in the midst of an economic swell, and it is a hub of business innovation, due in large part to the Chinese government’s generous support of start-ups. Bright Design Studio is capitalizing on its proximity to other businesses by setting up a new office at WeWork’s Hunan Road Central location.

Now businesses have easy access to Bright Design Studio’s office. The availability of digital communication and meetings means that the studio can meet the needs of any client, even one that hasn’t yet returned to in-person work.

Award winning services

Bright Design Studio takes a comprehensive approach to help their clients design entire marketing campaigns from top to bottom, with a special emphasis on digital marketing that can meet customers wherever they may be. The Studio ensures that they can offer personalized budgets and services dependent on a client’s needs, even on a tight deadline. Their ninety-eight percent satisfaction rate proves their results.

After just a year of being in business, the unique approach of Elaine Chew’s studio has already been sweeping up awards, including the “Superb Performance Award 2020” for a visual identity and brand communication workshop with Detao Masters Academy Shanghai. The studio also won Clutch USA’s Top B2B Consultants Award and the Top Graphic Design Companies in 2021 Award.

Bright Design Studio can work with businesses anywhere in the world to make sure that they have the tools to survive & thrive in a socially distanced world. Go check out their website today.

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