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Adriana Camposano is a star. Learn more about the 'Chicken Girls' actress and her fledgling career here.

Inspire others: Get to know ‘Chicken Girls’ star Adriana Camposano

Adriana Camposano is a star. She hit the ground running with her role as Lucy Diaz on Orange is the New Black, and has since gone on to star in countless films and TV shows. Some of the most notable titles that Camposano has appeared in are Chicken Girls and the Hulu pilot for Olga Dies Dreaming. The actress plays the free-spirited Poppy in the former, and the younger version of Aubrey Plaza’s character in the latter.

Film Daily was fortunate enough to chat with Camposano about her career, her approach to acting, and her plans for the future. Here’s what the talented performer had to say!

Tell us about your history in acting. How did you start your journey?

I signed with a manager when I was five years old and that’s when I began my career as an actor! My first audition was for a PSA for kindness counts on sprout, which I ended up booking! I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given at such a young age, including a recurring role on Orange is the New Black and numerous national commercials!

Who are your biggest acting influences?

Some of my biggest acting influences include Sofia Carson, Millie Bobby Brown, Chloe Grace Moretz, And Zendaya!

You landed a huge break when you starred as Lucy Diaz on Orange is the New Black. What did you learn on the set of the show that you’ve continued to use in your career?

One of the best experiences I’m so grateful for was landing the role of Lucy Diaz on Orange is the New Black. I’ve learnt a lot, especially considering how new to the show I was when I first started. I’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to work on set, how to collaborate with others, and a lot more, all of which has helped me become the person I am today in this industry!

Do you have any tricks or routines you use to help yourself get into character?

A trick I use to help myself get into a character is to find something in that character that can connect to you, no matter how big or little the connection can be but it is extremely useful and helps to bring your character even more to life!

You currently star as Poppy on the series Chicken GirlsPoppy is known as the free-spirited member of the show’s dance team. Do you feel like you are similar to the character in personality?

I feel as if Poppy and I do have some similar personality traits but Poppy does have a bit more enthusiasm to those traits as I do!

Do you prefer to play characters that you have a personal connection with?

I feel like I can always find some type of connection to a character that I play and I like to use that connection to help myself get more into the role.

Have you worked with mentors in the past? How would you recommend people go about finding them?

One of the biggest mentors I’ve worked with is my acting coach Theresa Pittius! I met her two years ago when I started doing private sessions with her. I am so happy and grateful that I’ve met her, she’s so amazing and I can’t thank her enough for all the help and support she’s given me!

You’re set to play the young version of Aubrey Plaza’s character on the upcoming pilot Olga Dies Dreaming. Can you tell us about the audition process for the part?

I was in LA filming for Chicken Girls when I got this self tape audition for Olga Dies Dreaming. I wasn’t expecting it and wasn’t prepared so I ended up filming the audition in my hotel room and I made it work with my phone propped up on an iron board and selfie stick! Just a couple days later I found out I booked it and had to take a red eye home the day I finished filming Chicken Girls to then film for the Hulu Pilot!

Plaza has a very distinct presence onscreen. Did you make a point of trying to emulate some of her mannerisms?

Since I was playing the younger version of her I did try capturing some of her mannerisms in a way that would portray her well!

Some actors hate seeing themselves onscreen. Do you like watching your own shows?

Although at times I may want to cover my ears or cringe at myself at moments watching myself on screen, I still find it really fun and I don’t hate watching myself on screen!

What has been your biggest professional success?

I believe my personal success came at a young age when I had the opportunity to work on sets for different shows, commercials, and films from such a young age. I am continuing to train and work hard to become even more successful in my career!

Do you think you’ll ever have a desire to move behind the camera and direct or write?

I think I’d love to work behind the cameras, I’ve always said if I didn’t end up acting I would still want to be in this film industry whether it’s in front or behind cameras!

Is there an actor or filmmaker that you’d love to work with?

I would love to work with actress Chloe Grace Moretz one day, her work as an actress is so inspiring and working with her would be absolutely amazing!

What’s your mission as an actor? Name the most important thing you want viewers to experience when watching you on the small screen.

My mission as an actor is to be able to pursue my passion while inspiring others on and off the screen, being able to share new characters and bring a role to life is something I hope to continue bringing out on the screen!

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

Advice I would give to aspiring actors would be to always remember that being an actress in this industry is not an easy process and takes a lot of hard work and dedication. However, always remember that if you truly desire this job and put forth your best effort in preparation and training, your moment will come when it is meant to!

Lastly, what is your favorite movie of all time?

I love so many movies but my favorite movie would be the impossible, it’s such a beautiful movie and story that leaves me in tears every time! I also love pretty much any Disney movie!

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