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House painting services are important to pin down. Here are some tips on how to get the best deal in Singapore.

House painting services costs in Singapore

When it involves home renovation, not many folks think much about the paint on our walls. But a simple paint job can do tons for your home. Quality paint can make maintaining your walls easier as they delay humidity, moisture, and dirt well. They’re also less susceptible to cracking. 

The last item you would like for your new house is to possess mold and lines forming on your walls just within the primary few years! Earlier in our 5 Things to understand for painting guide, we shared that the sort and color of paint will impact your home interior style and make the atmosphere you’re trying to find. A paint job involves tons of experience and knowledge if you would like it to be well-executed. 

You’ll want to seek a reliable home cheap painting services that will look out of the work.

Benefits and importance of engaging expert and cheap painting services in Singapore

It is vital to rent a team of experts to assist you with painting your home, and here are some examples. Doing it yourself takes tons of your time and money, so hiring an expert saves you time. Moreover, sometimes even the value is cheaper than doing it yourself when defects and opportunity costs are factored in. 

Perhaps the most straightforward thing about engaging an expert and cheap painting services company in Singapore is that you don’t need to worry about the pack-up afterward.

 Our crew will ensure everything is where it’s alleged to be, and no paint is on any furniture. Unlike doing it yourself, the people that are painting for you are experienced painters and can prepare before time to avoid any mishaps during the painting process. They can provide top-quality paints to make sure the color won’t degrade so quickly.

How much does it cost to color home in Singapore?

The cost of home painting services in Singapore will depend upon the number of rooms (HDB) or your home’s dimensions (condominiums). Other factors include the sort of paint you select. For a primary paint job, below are the typical prices of painting in Singapore. Typically, it’ll take 1-3 days for a traditional paint job to be completed.

Approximate paint cost according to home:

3-room HDB flat $600 – $1,300
4-room HDB flat $700 – $1,500
5-room HDB flat $800 – $1,800
Condo below 1,000 sq ft $900 – $1,300
Condo 1,200 – 1,500 sq ft $1,100 – $1,600
Condo 1,500 – 1,800 sq ft $1,300 – $1,700
Condo > 1,800 sq ft $1,500

What should you anticipate from a painting contractor?

Most homeowners consider painting contractors to be specialists who exclusively do a painting. On the other hand, some pros specialize in drywall, wallpapering, door installation, and bespoke molding installation. As a result, it’s essential to be aware of all the advantages of employing a painting contractor. 

You’ll be able to acquire high-quality service from a licensed professional in this manner. Just make sure the painting services include all necessary insurances, estimations, and a promise to meet the deadline. 

Before the process begins, they will ensure that the surface is prepared correctly. Taping, draping drop cloths, scraping or stripping old paint, and washing and cleaning the walls are all common steps in the process. They may be required to remove mold and mildew and repair faults such as cracks, holes, or grooves.

Considerations for Painting Supplies

You could have some leftover paint from previous jobs, or you might have borrowed some from a friend. In this scenario, you might save money on materials by providing your paint supply for the painter to use.

The truth is that, like any other home improvement project, most painters may provide you with separate labor and material bids. Here are some of the essential supplies and tools for completing your painting project:


Ladders, of course, are required when painting our homes to access high and difficult-to-reach areas. If you opt to tackle the painting yourself, ladders will come in handy. Most painters carry their ladders to the job site, so confirm with the painter (if you’re hiring one) that they have one for the job.

Face masks and gloves

Most professional painters have these materials on hand and don’t ask you to purchase them for them.

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