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Are you facing felony charges in Michigan or know someone who is? Check out this vital information that can lead to a reduced sentence or acquittal now.

How to Handle a Felony Charge in Michigan

Once you have a felony charge, it will remain on your record, limiting you from getting certain jobs and influencing the neighborhoods you’ll be able to stay in. Your life will change drastically regardless of your education level.

In total, there are eight different classes of felony charges, with sentences ranging from probation, if you are lucky, to life, if your charges are very serious. These charges include child abuse, human trafficking, murder, retail fraud, and domestic assault, among others. 

In case you have an involvement with any form of a felony charge, do not despair. Here is what you should do.

Seek Proper Representation

When you are arrested for a felony in Michigan, the first thing you need to do is find representation; call your lawyer. If the arrest has already taken place, it means that the prosecuting attorney has already filed a complaint against you. Having a good lawyer is crucial to the proceedings and the eventuality of your case. 

The first thing that your lawyer will do is request a bond hearing to allow you to go home as the case unfolds. However, the bail price will depend on the gravity of the case, and in some very rare instances, the judge may refuse to grant you bail. Regardless of the situation, your best bet is seeking the services of a good lawyer.

Court Arraignment

Usually, within fourteen days, there is a court arraignment where a judge will determine whether the evidence is enough for the case to continue or if the prosecuting team should let the case go until they find substantial evidence. The outcome of this arraignment hearing is as good as the lawyer you have to help you. Having a good lawyer will ensure that they fight for your rights and argue with the evidence in the court so that your case does not end up on trial or leave you with a bad record. If the judge decides to proceed with the charges, then the trial begins.

A good lawyer may also seek a plea deal with the prosecuting officer on your behalf. This will give you several options, and with the help of your lawyer, you will be able to know your best option.

Facing Trial

You need to understand your rights, your possible options, and the gravity of your charges. Your lawyer will educate you on everything regarding your situation and even coach you on what to say during the hearing. The lawyer will also find witnesses and any other loopholes to help you during the proceedings. Depending on the case, your lawyer may fight for probation instead of a jail term, a rehabilitation facility if you have drug charges, or a reduced sentence in cases regarding more serious charges.

Hire a Lawyer if You’re Facing a Felony Charge

Regardless of how strong your case is, the outcome is dependent on the kind of representation and devotion that your lawyer has toward you. A good lawyer will provide support and fight for you to receive the least possible punishment, depending on the kind of felony charge you face. They will also save you time and money and handle all the paperwork for you. 

Having someone with intense knowledge about your case is also vital because they already have experience with your situation. The advantages that come with having a good lawyer are statistically proven to increase your chances of winning or receiving a fair sentencing by a significant percentage. Therefore, the best way to handle your felony case is to get an experienced lawyer from a good firm to represent you throughout your case.

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