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Cake toppers are the latest rage in the gifting industry. Here are the best handmade personalized cake topper artists.

The Best Handmade Personalized Cake Toppers Artists

Cake toppers are the latest rage in the gifting industry. And going by the serious popularity cake toppers are garnering, it is safe to state that cake toppers aren’t just a trend. There are here to stay.

So if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, then make sure you get a personalized cake topper for your next birthday event. These personalized dolls are beautiful, and unique and make the moment memorable. Thus cake toppers are the ideal option if you wish to make your birthday the ‘special day.’

With the increasing demand for cake toppers, there is increased availability of artists creating handmade personalized cake toppers. If you are looking for a good quality cake topper, your first struggle starts with identifying the reliable and expert artist whom you can trust.

To make things easier for you, we have scrutinized cake toppers artists in the market and have short-listed three experienced and reliable artists who are sure to deliver high-quality toppers at a competitive price.

We used a set of rigorous parameters to judge these artists. We intended to gauge them in every aspect of their service. Apart from their products, we looked at numbers, their store designs, list of services, client testimonials, the procedures they follow, and details of their team members. In a nutshell, we studied every piece of information available under the sun to create a holistic review.

Here are the findings of our extensive research. Listed below are the top three handmade personalized cake toppers artists.


Great product, seamless service, and assurance of quality. These three dimensions propel to the top of this list. Their cake toppers are created with precision and their artists bring these tiny dolls to life by providing special attention to facial expressions, color shades, and designs. 

Thecustomcakeboutique has enhanced its brand name by marrying a good product with impeccable customer service. Their online store is clutter-free. All the crucial sections are easily visible, and you can scroll through options seamlessly. If you have any doubts, customer support is available and is informative and empathetic.

When it comes to service, Thecustomcakeboutique is known for exceeding expectations. And it reflects in their customer testimonials. They go out of their way to honor a customer commitment. Hence they have plenty of frequent customers.

If you do not wish to compromise on the quality of cake toppers and want a hassle-free service, then Thecustomcakeboutique is your best bet. 


Positive customer feedback and an array of customization options are the standout features of As evident in their name, they offer customers plenty of space to design a custom cake topper. And the best part, they do bring to life these customizations and ensure the final product has a unique soul.

Their products are sleek and have a professional look. Plus the artists inject magic to ensure they retain a personal touch. The colors, the finishing, and other minute details are top-notch.

A high-value product is the cornerstone of Custombobbleheadonline’s service. Thus they are an effective option to order a handmade personalized cake topper.

However, their customer support can be erratic and you might have to fret a couple of times before you lay your hands on the product. 

  1. Miniheads:

Premium quality, personalized service, and a plethora of options make Miniheads the go-to store for customers to shop for cake toppers.

Miniheads tick all the boxes required to be called a ‘reliable brand.’ They have a neat and aesthetically designed online store. Navigating the store is easy and you get what you want without any fuss. You will find all the options and varieties easily. The ordering process is quick too.

Miniheads scores plenty in the quality of service. Their customer support is available round the clock and they do listen to you when you speak about any issue. The shipping process is transparent and you can track your product without any hassles.

Miniheads are a great option for ordering handmade personalized cake toppers. But they need to work on some areas to increase their fan base. The quality of the product, especially the finishing can be improved. Their artists have a professional touch, but they lack consistency.

Overall, you can give Miniheads a try if you seek a good quality cake topper.

Before we part ways:

The above-listed Handmade Personalized Cake Toppers Artists are trustworthy.

However, when you choose a handmade Personalized Cake Toppers Artist, it is advisable to check a few things before you finalize. You can look at these factors to gauge cake toppers artists:

  • Brand history:  Check their past history and their story. It will reveal plenty about the brand.
  • Customer feedback: This is a must-read as it gives an idea of what to expect from the brand.
  • Procedures and steps involved: Check whether they have a standard process and how much time it will take to deliver the order.

With all these checks in place, you are sure to find the best handmade personalized cake topper for making the birthday a memorable day. 

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