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To keep your motorbike functioning smoothly, proper maintenance is a must. Here are some basic techniques to maintain your bike properly.

Motorbike Maintenance: 7 Basic techniques

Using motorbikes is a fun experience for all riders. Those who own motorbikes know that it is one of the most efficient and stylish ways of going from one place to the other.

To keep your motorbike functioning smoothly, proper maintenance is a must. Here are some basic techniques to maintain your bike properly:

1. Check Tires Regularly

The tires face the most amount of wear and tear on a motorbike. It is important to check the tires regularly to notice any signs of damage. It is especially important for people who use their motorbikes regularly or on rough roads as the chances of damage to the tires are increased.

Check the tire air pressure with the help of an air pressure gauge. The pressure should be at the level recommended by the bike manufacturer.

Also, closely look for any signs of scrapes and cuts to avoid sudden blowouts. At least once a week, you should check tire treads, wheel balance, and alignment.

2. Check Engine Oil

For the smooth operation of your motorbike, engine oil plays an important role. You need to check the engine oil levels on a regular basis to ensure that your bike keeps running properly.

Often, there are small leakages that have a huge impact on the performance over time. Carefully examine if there are any leakages and if you find one, take immediate measures for repair. Also, don’t let the oil remain sitting for too long.

Due to the carbon deposits, the oil will thicken over time and hamper the movement of the internal parts. Using old oil will drastically reduce engine life and increase your fuel consumption.

3. Look After the Engine

The engine is the heart of your motorbike. Maintaining it properly will go a long way in improving the performance of your ride. It’ll also help you keep the fuel bills low. Keep the carburetor clean at all times. Clean the float chamber on a routine basis as well.

You should also check if the spark plug is set perfectly as it plays an important part in the combustion.

4. Monitor the Battery

Many people forget about the maintenance of motorcycle batteries and it costs them a lot in the long run. When properly looked after, the battery can last a long time and save you plenty of money. You need to regularly check for any leakages and if the water levels are up to requirement.

Top up the battery with distilled water whenever the level goes below the minimum mark. When your motorbike is not in use for a long time, don’t forget to keep the battery fully charged.

Also, try to park in spaces that offer some shade and are moisture-free as exposure to the elements can reduce the battery life.

5. Clutch Adjustment

Clutch is used quite a lot because of how often you’ll have to change the gears when riding. Due to being used a lot, there is a high chance of some problems occurring in the clutch if not properly maintained.

After every few rides, you should ensure that the clutch is aligned properly and has the correct amount of free play. Avoid over-tightening your clutch as that would lead it to slip without your knowledge and increase fuel consumption.

6. Maintain Brakes

Brakes are extremely important for safety purposes. Poorly maintained brakes can be fatal for you. They should be properly spaced when holding the tire. Being too tight or too loose will lead to improper functioning and can cause accidents.

You can adjust the tightness based on your personal preferences but make sure that it isn’t something that can be dangerous. Regularly grease the brakes so that they function smoothly.

7. Transmission System

The motorcycle chain should be regularly oiled and greased so that it moves without any hitches. You should use a soft brush or an old piece of cloth to clean the chain once in a while to remove any dust particles that can hamper its performance.

Avoid using water to clean it because that will cause the links to rust. Closely monitor the tension of the chain. If it’s loose, the power delivery from the engine to the wheel will not be as efficient and your motorbike’s performance will suffer.

Properly maintaining your motorbike is essential as it will not only ensure your safety but also make your rides smoother. 

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