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Get Your Drive On With These 13 Car Logos

Most car logos today are so attractive and easily recognizable. The reason behind this is not only the technical part but history, mission, and brand values also play a major role. Car logos are an amazing source full of inspiration and power. Here are 13 car logos to get your drive on.

1. Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz logo is one of the most famous and notable logos in the automotive industry. This logo design features the famous circled logo with three pointed stars. The star and its three sides symbolize Daimler’s mission. He wanted universal motorization on land, water and air.

The logo design is metallic gray. This choice is effective in showing the company’s sophisticated image. Today, however, Mercedes doesn’t use this classic logo design, only using a pointed star in the center.



Audi has a famous logo with four connecting rings. Audi logo designs are very famous and recognized all over the world. The four merging rings represent the merger of his four independent carmakers: Audi, Horch, DKW, and Heller. Both Horch and Audi were founded by August Horch. He was considered a pioneer in automobile manufacturing.



BMW has an iconic logo design that stands out in the car company logo category. Many believe that the BMW logo design is a spinning propeller. Basically, however, the logo design represents the state colors of the Free State of Bavaria.

In addition, since BMW came from a company that used to use rondel in their logo, they left rondel in their logo design.



Next, Lamborghini has an attractive car logo design to boost your brand. Ferrucio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign was Taurus, Taurus. He was also into bullfighting. The color of the logo is gold, a symbol of rich heritage and excellence. The logo designer chose black color for the logo to represent power, prestige, elegance, and strength.


Moving further, Ferrari has one of the most attractive logo designs of all time. This is the most recognizable logo. The logo of Ferrari is a prancing horse. It is said that Enzo Ferrari took this design from the fuselage of the aeroplane of Count Francesco Baracca. He was an ace pilot and hero from the Italian Air Force.

Enzo met with the pilot’s mother who later asked him to put her Sony horse on the car logo. She insisted that it would bring him good luck. Enzo chose canary yellow for the background and kept the horse black instead of red. The black color of the horse was kept as a symbol of mourning for the pilot who was killed in this action.


In the 1950s, Ferdinand Porsche’s son and the executives of the brand wanted to create a new emblem as a logo. It is said that the logo design was created by Ferry Porsche on a napkin. Another theory says that the logo design was created by a Porsche engineer, Franz Xaver Reimspieb.

The logo design was inspired by the Stuttgart coat of arms. In German, Stuttgart means a stud garden. A rampant horse was used on the logo as the town was known for horse breeding.


The Volkswagen logo is one of the best car company logos. There is a controversy regarding the history and origin of the Volkswagen logo. Is said that the logo design was created by Franz Xaver, a Porsche employee. Some others believe that the logo was created by Martin Freyer.

The logo is blue and it is a symbol of class and excellence. The white color is a symbol of charm and purity. The logo was altered in 1996 and 2000 when colors were blended and a 3D effect was created.


Volvo has a logo design that has an iron circle that contains an arrow pointing diagonally upward on the right side. The font style chosen in the logo design is a handwritten typeface. It was designed by a famous calligrapher Karl-Erik Forsberg. The logo design is also known to be a symbol of Mars, the war god. You can also use some social media marketing strategies for your brand promotion.


Next, the Jaguar logo is so attractive and eye-catching. The leaping Jaguar used in the brand’s company logo is a delight to look at. This traditional logo is a symbol of speed, strength, and power. Brand makers used colors like black, metallic gray, and gold to represent luxury and richness. Black color is used as a symbol of high performance, power, and elegance.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin has a famous logo design with wings as the major attraction point. The brand quickly increased the production of high-quality and luxury cars. The logo of the brand has a combined A and M in the logo. The wings have remained a consistent part of the logo. The wing of the Aston Martin logo is a symbol of speed and creativity. This also adds to the feeling of luxury and value.

You can also create such a deep-meaning logo on your own by using an online logo maker.


The Bentley logo is a luxury and long-lasting icon. Earlier, Bentley was known for designing aircraft engines so when they entered motor cars, they decided to keep wings in the logo design. The wings were chosen as the central part of the logo for historical reasons. Also, the wings of the logo are celestial symbols.


Most of the famous car company logos come from the name of the owner. Ettore Bugatti founded this company and his name still lives on with the logo design. The Bugatti logo has 60 white dots on the outline of the logo. It is believed that dots represent safety wires or pearls for some.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer which designed its logo in 1910. The logo consists of a red cross on a white field and on the left of the coat of arms, there is a symbol of Milan, Alfa Romeo’s home.

There is a strange yet attractive symbol of a snake eating a human. However, it does not spread any negativity, instead it shows a purified person coming out of the snake’s mouth.

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