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Do you need to relocate your vehicle, but don't know where to start? Here's how trusting long-distance companies helps with car shipping costs!

Benefits of Long-Distance Car Shipping

The hassle of moving a car from one state to another can seem overwhelming. There’s finding the service, making arrangements, and starting the long process of getting it done. Worst of all, finding a decent car shipping cost can seem impossible.

As stressful as shipping a car over long distances can be, though, there are also benefits that make it worth it in the end. From cost efficiency to great customer service, here’s why you should hire a company to help you move your car over long distances!

car shipping cost

Cost efficiency

Car shipping costs depend on location, carrier, and type of service. For example, getting an enclosed transport is more expensive than an open transport. However, the average pricing falls anywhere between forty cents and two dollars per mile.

Pricing also depends on which companies you decide to work with as well as distance. Surprisingly, long distances may result in lower costs per mile even as it leaves customers with a higher price tag at the end. This is where a good discount comes into play.

Companies like Montway Auto Transport don’t offer many discounts or guaranteed pricing, but they offer low quotes. Meanwhile, companies like AmeriFreight price matching & various discounts, but offer higher quotes with no guaranteed pricing. Easy Auto Ship is an example of lower costs for longer distances with an average of forty to sixty cents per mile for 1,500 miles or more.

car shipping cost

Montway Auto Transport offers discounts on car shipping costs based on the following requirements: cash payment, military, multiple vehicles, or if you’re a returning customer. AmeriFreight offers similar discounts as well as senior, early bird, first responders, medical personnel, and if you’re a student.

car shipping cost

Home delivery

On the one hand, nothing is as stressful as worrying about where your car is during long-distance travel. On the other hand, nothing beats the feeling of relief when you get to your destination and your car is already waiting for you.

Home delivery may drive the car shipping cost up, but it guarantees the safe arrival of your vehicle. It definitely beats the need for a second driver or to find alternate means of travel such as taking a flight or a train.

Both AmeriFreight & Montway Auto Transport offer home delivery. They will pick the car up and have it at your destination based on the agreed timeframe. Montway Auto Transport goes the extra mile by allowing you to look up price quotes on its app.

car shipping cost

Customer service

Whether you choose AmeriFreight, Montway Auto Transport, or a different company altogether, good customer service goes a long way. It can even be the difference between whether or not you’re willing to pay a higher car shipping cost.

AmeriFreight has an average of 4.7 stars on Google reviews. Previous customers describe their experience as convenient, prompt, and pleasant. While its Yelp review isn’t as high, many customers offer similar descriptions of what it was like working with AmeriFreight.

Montway Auto Transport has an average of 4.6 stars on Trustpilot. Previous customers describe their experience as smooth & stress-free. Some of the reviews go so far as to describe Montway Auto Transport as the best service ever.

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Regardless of the company you choose, you deserve to pay a fair car shipping cost. This may require significant time shopping around for the best quotes. You can use Google to look at reviews. You can also ask around with friends & family for word-of-mouth referrals.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a car shipping cost that doesn’t break the bank! It helps if you’re willing to do a little research to find the right car shipping for you & your wallet.

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