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Considering alternatives to a motorcycle? Why not try a good scooter? Discover what to look for when buying a scooter so you can make a great purchase!

What Makes a Good Scooter? – Quick Beginner’s Guide

Scooters are good alternatives for motorcycles as it is easier to maneuver especially when you’re traversing in a downtown area. Aside from that, there are a lot of other advantages when using scooters. It is cheaper, fuel-efficient, and easier to learn.  Its popularity began mostly in parts of Asia, but it is currently thriving all over the world, as people of all ages can use scooters.

There are multiple types of scooters from different manufacturers where you are given tons of options to choose from. Well, the focal point of this article would be the qualities on how to identify what comprises an efficient scooter.

So what really makes a good scooter? Here are some of the things one should consider: 

The Engine

At one glance, what you will just see is the physical appearance of a scooter and how it is built. The framework, the colors and design, the seat, and many more. However, there’s something more than that that you should check meticulously. 

Here are the basic engine sizes of a scooter that people opt for. Sizes are determined using “CC’s” which stands for cubic centimeters.

  • 49cc scooters – This is the type of scooter that is able to hit a top speed of 30miles per hour. It is best when used on roads that require speeds of 40MPH or less. Apart from that, 49cc scooters have the best gas mileage of 100MPH more or less. It’s also more affordable compared to the others but would still give you a decent speed.  All in all, this is highly recommended for first-timers.
  • 150cc scooters – The maximum speed of this scooter is 50 up to 60 miles per hour. This scooter can be used in high ways. Aside from that, larger engines most likely produce lesser gas mileage, where 150cc scooters only bring out 70MPH range.
  • 250cc scooters – It is the fastest among all three with a 75 miles per hour or more maximum speed. This is recommended for heavy drivers as it can almost match the ones on the highway runs. However, it brings the gas mileage down to 60MPG. 

The Framework 

Don’t focus on the design alone. Instead, always make sure that the scooter is composed of top-quality materials used for the framework. Good quality of framework will result in a long-lasting and durable scooter. 

The Size 

The size can determine how you can easily maneuver and control the scooter, so always opt for the perfect size according to the structure of your body as well as your height. This will play an important role when choosing the right scooter as it will result in how comfortable you will be when riding. 

Final Words 

In totality, when choosing the right scooter, it is really up to you and your preferences. Consider what you will be using it for and where you plan to use it. Pick the ones of top quality and manufactured by known brands as safety should always be your priority. Ride safe! 

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