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Being a new driver doesn't have to be scary. Here are the best insurance options for teen and young drivers who are just getting out on the road!

Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022 | Get Cheap Car Insurance

Stepping your first foot in Insurance? Well, that’s tricky. Regardless of how carelessly we take this decision, it is one of the most important choices in our life. It can either turn out to our advantage or else destroy us and our invested money. So, before you make a call, do remember to collect all the important facts regarding young driver insurance. No idea where to start? Take a look at these Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022.

Choosing an Insurance policy that best suits you is a difficult task, especially when you are young. There are so many factors you need to take care of, like- What is the Best Insurance policy for teens? Which Insurance company you should trust? Can teens stay on their parents’ insurance? What Insurance offers you should look for? To give you a brief sum-up of all the necessary things, here is the guide to Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022.

So, let’s get on with the article and explore all the basic information you need to be aware of to choose Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022.

insurance options young drivers

Cheapest Car Insurance Company for Teen Drivers

I remember my teen years. The most crucial factor that used to determine our decisions was money. We all know how important is money in those young years when we have so much to buy and so less to spend. So, when looking for Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers, do consider the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies that will provide your most benefits within the boundary of cost-effectiveness.

After research, we found that the cheapest available auto insurance for teen drivers worldwide is offered by State Farm. According to its policy, an 18yr old can claim an Insurance policy at an average of $3,518 per year. ( rounding it off to 29% less than the average national Companies)

Besides this, there are some other Car Insurance Companies that offer cost-effective policy options like-

  • Country Financial
  • Erie 
  • USAA 

insurance options young drivers

But unfortunately, they are available selectively at a few places. So, let’s take a look at all the prices these Insurance Company offers-

Companies Car Insurance/ year
Travelers $1,313 per year
Grange $1,584 per year
USAA $1,600 per year
Mercury: $1,684 per year
Progressive $1,835 per year
State Farm $1,896 per year
Safeco $2,034 per year
Liberty Mutual $2,065 per year

insurance options young drivers

Parents’ Add-on Insurance Policy

The next Best Insurance option for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022 is to look up if their parents’ current Insurance policy offers an Add-On Insurance feature. Having an Insurance policy connected to parents’ Insurance plans always works out in a Teen’s favor. In such cases, the cheapest and the best-suited Insurance company can be – Auto-Owners. It offers the most affordable option at only $1,832 per year for a 50-year-old and an 18-year-old. Great! Isn’t it?

insurance options young drivers

How to Find Best Car Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers?

Looking for Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers and confused where to start? Scroll no further- mentioned below are the few basic guidelines that can help you find the Cheapest Car Insurance for Teens.

insurance options young drivers

1. Strike a Balance Between Cost and Coverage

Teenagers are usually considered as reckless drivers that have a higher chance of getting into an accident. Due to this, the premium cost increases for teenage drivers. To save on this, many teens go for Liability only policies, but to have a secure future- you need to strike a balance between Cost and Coverage offers.

insurance options young drivers

2. Look for Discounts

Getting a discount reward is always an added benefit. Therefore while looking for Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022, do take a look at all the new Discount offers launched by the company. Many Insurance companies offers a wide variety of applicable discounts like-

  • Good Student Discount
  • Good Driver Discount
  • Defensive Driver Discount

insurance options young drivers

3. Adding Teen to Parent Insurance

If you have the option of adding a Teen to the Family Insurance package, the resulting premium package will add to your advantage. Buying a different Insurance policy independently costs way more than adding a plus on to the existing family policy.

insurance options young drivers

4. Look Around and Compare the Quotes

The significant mistake we usually make while choosing the Best Car Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers is sticking to the first Insurance company we lay our eyes on. The most effective way to get your teens a cheap car insurance is to shop around for coverage.

It is advised to always compare the Insurance Quotes and get an idea of all the current deals the Insurance Companies are offering. With this, you will be updated with all the current offers and will be able to choose the best and the cheapest car insurance for teens and young drivers.

insurance options young drivers

5. Verify the Company and Employees

It is a healthy practice to verify all the documents and the authenticity of the Insurance company and its employees while searching for the Best Insurance Options for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022. In recent years, many people, especially young drivers, have been scammed by unauthorized and fraud Insurers. So, do keep an eye open for verified documents.

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