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Have you ever wanted to be a champion NASCAR driver? Chase your dreams today with this handy guide on everything you need to know about the sport.

Becoming a High-Profile NASCAR Driver

Are you thrilled by those NASCAR drivers and you dream of one day getting behind the wheels on the racetrack? If so, you should know that nothing is impossible. With proper focus and training, you can attain your dream of driving in the NASCAR circuit. And the good news is that anyone can be a high-profile driver and enjoy a successful career. But before then, there are a lot of things you will have to get right, not least getting nice stock cars for sale nz.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about becoming a professional NASCAR driver. And while there are lots of stock cars for sale, you don’t have to splash large amounts at first.

Go to your local track

Apart from scouring the web for stock cars for sale adverts in a bid to own a race car, you will also need to regularly visit the local racetrack. If possible, also buy a pit pass. The racetrack can be dirt or asphalt, it does not matter. In case you buy a pit pass, don’t hesitate to have a chit chat with a guy in the pits.

Here, your chances of meeting race drivers are very high. Also, you could have an encounter with crew members or race officials. These are immense resources that can give you different perspectives regarding what you need to get started at your local track.

Provided you are courteous, these people will be more than ready to talk to you if they do not have any pressing matters to deal with at the present. Find out from them if a specific minimum age is required since most race tracks do have age limits lower than driving age.

Race go-karts

I know a lot of professional race car drivers that started as young as five driving a go-kart. Through karting, you will learn the craft of racing, control, and also racetrack for speed. Starting racing at an early age enables you to build a more robust career later on. Take advantage of go-karts to learn as much as you can.

Another tip is to enrol on karting competitions. There are different local and international cup competitions held throughout the year. For more information, check out the World Karting Association or CIK-FIA.

In case you are yet to attain the legal driving age, you could be best off with a racetrack offering youth racing. This is a nice way through which you can learn how to handle the vehicle while you negotiate the pack.

You could also benefit by racing in the soapbox derby. Having more racing experience in your youthful years will make you equipped for your racing career.

Progress to cars

After you have proven yourself in karting, the next thing is to take a step up to actual car racing. This is where stock cars for sale come in. If possible, get legends cars as they give you the perfect stepping stone into the next-level motorsports. NASCAR has its own ladder system containing several divisions beneath the 3 national series. These include street stocks, modifieds, and late models.

Be Conversant with Car Tuning Technical Aspects

For some people, understanding the technical aspects of the car you are driving comes naturally. If you don’t fall into the category of these people, then you need to take time to do so. Even basic understanding will be great in helping you move through the ranks and give you a great chance of performing at a higher level. Understanding the technical bits of your car will also enable you to communicate with your team successfully.

Also, it’s necessary to keep working hard and take more practice sessions. If you happen to have a natural skill and some luck, you will only require harnessing the skill. Think of the money you spend as an investment.

To graduate into a fully-fledged NASCAR driver and drive stock cars for sale NZ residents should know they can do it without necessarily depending on their racing talent. Before you see the green flag at NASCAR competitions, several factors will determine if you qualify to be a top driver.

Your physical ability is one of such factors. Top drivers are toned and slim, and they wield so much advantage over other heavily built drivers.  Concerning car racing, your ability to manoeuvre a left turn successfully over the oval track is determined by your weight together with that of the car.

Attend a professional racing school and get a license

Another way through which you can sharpen your racing abilities is through attending racing schools. Attending a formal learning institution also makes it easier for you to get the necessary licenses that you require to compete. Note that it will be a lot easier for you to get approved for the license you need if you accumulate greater experience.  For example, before you can be allowed to compete on superspeedways especially at the national tier, you must acquire enough laps in the ARCA Race Series first.

You also need to experience the different NASCAR series tiers. You will need to work your socks off if you harbour dreams of racing in the Sprint Cup Series. It will require your total commitment if you are to have any chances of being recognized.


Reaching the Sprint Cup Series is guaranteed for becoming a legend. However, it does not mean that you cannot you shouldn’t enjoy it just because you didn’t make it up to the Sprint Cup Series. To be a good NASCAR driver, you need to have really good skills. On top of choosing a professional driving school, you also need to make sure you have the right car. For that reason, you should insist on only top stock cars for sale nz.

Anyone can become a good NASCAR rally driver. The most important qualification you need to have is to be fully committed. Also, invest time and money in practising and you will stand a great chance of getting approved to take part in national races.

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