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Awesome Accessories to Make Your Tesla Model X Even Cooler!

Hey there, fellow Tesla fans! Of course, Your Model X is already amazing, but what if we told you there are accessories out there to make it even cooler? Get ready; we’re about to dive into some top picks!

Premium Floor Mats: Keep It Clean

To begin, let’s talk about premium floor mats. They’re like magic carpets that keep your car super clean. Spills, dirt, and crumbs? No worries, these mats have got you covered.


All-Weather Cargo Mats: Mess-Proof Your Trunk

Is your trunk a mess after a fun adventure? All-weather cargo mats are your new best bet to avoid such clutters. They’re like shields and capes for your trunk, protecting it from dirt and mess. Once you put Cargo Mats in your Tesla Model X, it will protect your vehicle body from scratch and corrosion due to spills.


Custom Dashboard Covers: Keep It Cool

Dashboards often lose their shine when exposed to sunbeams. To keep their shine cool and fresh, you must cover them from direct exposure to sunlight. Thus, the use of Custom Dashboard Covers becomes quintessential to protect your dashboards. Dashboard covers serve like sunglasses for your car’s dashboard. They block the sun’s harsh rays and keep your dashboard cool and fresh.

Interior LED Lighting Kits: Mood Lighting Magic

Do you want to create a cool ambience in your car? Use the Interior LED Lighting Kit to add a little magic to your Tesla. They create a vibrant and cool atmosphere in your vehicle. Effective use of LED Lighting in your car is nothing like a disco party on wheels!
Wondering where to find these amazing accessories? Don’t worry. Here is the  link to a reputable online store for purchase of Tesla Model X accessories.


Seat Belt Covers: Stylish and Comfy

Wearing a standard seat belt for a long time may cause you a lot of discomfort. You can make seatbelt wearing into a pleasurable experience by adding a touch of comfort and style. Stylish and Comfy Seat Belt covers can make your seat belt use more comfortable and stylish. You can choose from various seat belt covers with different styles and materials to suit your own style and comfort.


Door Sill Protectors: Scuff-Free Zone

Doors are the most vulnerable places in your car body where the occurrence of scuffs and scratches is common. But if you take precautions, you are most likely to minimize the risk of scratchy car doors by making your doors a scuff-free zone.

Yes, you can protect your Tesla Vehicle doors from being damaged by unintended scuffs and scratches by safeguarding them through Door Sill Protectors. Door sill protectors are like bodyguards for your car, keeping it scuff-free and shiny.

Sunshades: Keep It Cool and Shady

Keeping your car cool and shady in hot weather remains a challenge, and you can’t accomplish it through your Car AC alone. It needs help. Here, the use of Sunshades comes in handy. Custom-fit sunshades are quintessential to mask your car’s windows. They keep your vehicle cool and shady on sunny days. No more sizzling seats!

Mud Flaps: No More Splashes

Mud Flaps are often underrated add-ons. However, they are quintessential to keeping your Tesla Model X’s clean. They safeguard your vehicles by deflecting all the muck and splashes away from your car’s pristine exterior.

Thus, they not only keep your car clean but also shield it from potential damage by rocks and debris, which might scratch the paint or chip the finish.

Roof Rack Systems: Adventure-Ready

If you are an adventurous person who often goes around for adventure, then the Roof rack system is a great add-on to use. It offers you a secure platform for all your adventure gears to move from one place to another. You can carry almost all sports equipment, luggage, or even a rooftop tent on it.

By adding extra luggage carriage space through the Roof Rack System, you can save precious space inside your Tesla for your children to move around freely.


These awesome accessories can transform your Tesla Model X from an amazing to a fantastic vehicle. Whether you want to add on style, comfort or functionality, there is an accessory that’s perfect for you and your Tesla. So, go ahead, personalize your ride, and let your Tesla really shine!




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