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Film Daily Fellowship: Health Writer Trainee

Film Daily is looking for a Health Writer Trainee to join our busy digital newsroom. This is a valuable, paid educational role in which trainees will work hand-in-hand with the managing editor. Our team is focused on creating unique, shareable content on the themes of film, TV, entertainment, life, and new media.

In this position, you will be focusing on topics related to health: trends, fitness, food & nutrition, treatments, and more.


Having mastered the house writing style, Writer Trainees continue their training by learning almost everything else necessary to publish pieces on our websites, including creating quizzes and writing under strict deadlines.

You will learn

  • How a busy editorial team works
  • Deadline setting & execution
  • How to spot a trending news story
  • How to create viral content
  • How to research and write an article
  • How to source images 
  • How to output news-based content consistently within a busy newsroom on a tight deadline
  • How to collaborate with a large online team
  • Newsletter production & distribution
  • How to work with partners & stakeholders
  • How to analyze metrics & data
  • How to promote content and drive users to our website
  • How to request interviews from celebrities & VIPs
  • How to manage a celebrity/VIP interview
  • How to write captions for social media
  • How to post on social media as a brand
  • How to submit pitches to an editorial team

The ideal candidate must possess:

  • Writing skills with a portfolio to back it up
  • Understanding of how the online magazine business works
  • Understanding of social media
  • Love for film & TV
  • Stoic, can-do attitude
  • Clear understanding of journalistic ethics & legal principles
  • Great attention to detail
  • Love of the internet & technology
  • Great sense of humor
  • Patience
  • Ambition


Ready to Write?


    You will be judged on your ability to follow these instructions, so read carefully.

    Your writing samples must be perfectly readable, with no cut-off sentences, etc. Do not output your PDF as a print preview if it isn't perfectly readable. If your samples aren't readable, that will disqualify you immediately.

    We appreciate your application, but regretfully can only respond to successful candidates. You may only apply once on this form – submitting to multiple roles will disqualify you.

    All fields required