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Data Automation Programmer

Pay commensurate with experience
20 hours per week
Contract term: 3 Months – the end of time
Start date: March 1 2019

Location: In our virtual/online office or in person in our Guadalajara location.

We work with amazing, storied clients, and emerging technologies & agencies. We focus on: fandoms, conventions, community, reboots, streaming, web series, alternative distribution and indie film festivals.

Our work environment is relaxed, but we tell it like it is. Positions tend to be flexible, with some work-at-home opportunities. We’re looking for the best person for this job with no exceptions.

Candidate Description

  • Are you a high achiever? Do you have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results (in your last role, at University, on your personal projects)?
  • Are you a dedicated lifelong learner?
  • Are you looking for a new challenge?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve results?
  • Are you able to prioritize your workload?
  • Do you think change in Hollywood is long overdue?
  • Are you an expert programmer with Python experience?
  • Do you want to freelance at a fast-paced startup where you have room to grow?
  • Are you looking for an online part-time freelance role?

The Gig

  • Design and implement data mining models & algorithms
  • Create and store data streams using data scraping techniques and API programming
  • Implement, test, modify, and debug programming code
  • Monitor the progress of your activities, meeting project goals
  • Devise automation techniques
  • Collaboration with other developers


  • Degree in Computer Science or self-taught skills
  • 1+ years working in the office of a busy tech company
  • 1+ years experience of working in a remote office
  • Exhibits proficiency and comfortability with one of the following programming languages: Python, C++, Java, similar
  • Familiarity with relational database technology
  • Experience with distributed web applications
  • Experience working in Agile development environments


Asterisk (*) required