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Community-Building Intern

Community-Building Intern
20-40 hours per week
3 months to perm
Remote Working

We’re looking for Community-Building Interns to join our busy marketing department.

Do you want to learn how to work as an online community manager? Do you think you have what it takes to grow an engaged audience of followers? This educational position will train you on how to build an online brand.

The role goes for 3 months to begin, but can become full-time for the right person.

The Role

Working with the dedicated community management team, the Community-Building Intern will learn all about how to increase brand awareness and build sales via conversational marketing. This intern will work alongside the Community Manager to drive, build, and track our community engagement. The ultimate aim of this role is to increase company awareness. The intern will receive on-the-job training to grow their knowledge and understanding of community management & digital marketing.



Day-to-day Duties


Working with the Community Team to recruit:

  • Online street team
  • Geo-located street team
  • Intern & trainee teams
  • Community assistant team


  • Learn how to manage busy teams
  • Learn how to manage a social media calendar

Editorial Collaboration

  • Work with the editorial department to promote trending topics
  • Create collaboration opportunities between our community members and our editorial department


  • Research potential partners, stakeholders, and clients
  • Build databases of leads
  • Use data experts to find & administrate leads
  • Find potential opportunities for growing revenue within our communities

Conversational Marketing

  • Connect with targeted community groups in a meaningful way
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with the community
  • Respond to complaints & concerns in an honest, open, and collaborative way
  • Manage email blasts to various contact databases
  • Search for new opportunities within the community
  • Grow online presence of brands using bulletin boards, forums, and comments sections
  • Evangelize the brand to external parties
  • Attend meetings & conferences as a brand evangelist
  • Facilitate regional networking events for the community (via Meetups)
  • Work with relevant departments to troubleshoot tech/marketing issues our community may experience
  • Manage our Meetup & Facebook group communities

Offer-led Engagement

Learn how to:
  • Devise offers and incentive schemes for the community
  • Develop relationships with competitors
  • Facilitate deals between stakeholders
  • Provide data with full analysis to our partners
  • Report on campaign performance
  • Activate community members to engage with all our brands (via offering incentives)


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