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As hotel industry must deal with this new trend, they will need to look for a quality hotel TV streaming solution. 

Which is the best hotel TV streaming solution on the market?

Streaming is trendier than ever. Users no longer want to download content before watching it because of the waste of time this involves. Thanks to it, platforms such as Amazon Prime, HBO Max or Netflix have succeeded that much. As hotel industry must deal with this new trend, they will need to look for a quality hotel TV streaming solution

Users are already searching in Google how to stream from iphone to hotel tv or how to stream netflix on hotel tv. If your property offers them a quick and easy response, you will be leading the industry.

What is a hotel TV streaming solution?

A solution allows guests to watch content from the previous mentioned platforms on the hotel television directly from the Internet without having to download it in advance.

One option to achieve this would be to enable users on the aforementioned platforms so that guests can access it. However, there are simpler ways. Especially considering that users already have access to all or some of these platforms on their mobile devices.

Although there are many ways to achieve this, the easiest way would be with special technology that allows guests to pair their mobile devices with the TV in their room.

ZAFIRO Cast or Chromecast for hotels

Chromecast is the solution par excellence that allows you to pair mobile devices with televisions. However, its implementation in hotels is still kind of difficult and, furthermore, not fully adapted to the hospitality sector. ZAFIRO Cast is. A Chromecast for hotels totally adapted to the hospitality sector, whose main characteristics are:

  • Back-end manager accessible anywhere.
  • Seamless preventive monitoring.
  • Non-limit scalable solution, top reliability and total availability.
  • Simple interoperability.
  • Innovative privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Sustainable and efficient.

In addition, ZAFIRO Cast allows easy connection to TV, IPTV and Wi-Fi. This screen cast solution offers a long list of improvements in terms of functionality compared to a simple Google Chromecast device. For example, it includes:

  • Centralized corporate management of multiple properties.
  • Several interfaces within the same property or different properties.
  • Statistics reports grouped or by individual property.

Furthermore, Zafiro Cast is a modular solution that can be combined with other technologies, such as interactive televisions, a mobile application and the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, to achieve:

  • Automatic pairing with the Google Chromecast® device when logging in like a guest in the hotel’s Wi-Fi network or the guest app.
  • Access to the hotel’s Google Chromecast® service from the TV screen without having to change input.

This technology consists of a series of basic elements combined for optimal operability, therefore installing or replacing Google Chromecast® in your hotel will be a very simple process. You just need a casting gateway configured according to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network parameters and as many Chromecast devices with their protective cases / safety cables as televisions the hotel has.

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