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From Marrakech to Aït Benhaddou, Not Just Colour brings the iconic travel destination to life in 'Morocco 4k'. 'Tis the season to travel Morocco!

Travel Film “Morocco 4K” Shows Things You May Not Know About Morocco

To the not-so-seasoned traveler, Morocco may be a familiar name but not necessarily a familiar place. You may know it as the setting of the classic Hollywood film Casablanca (which is also the largest city in Morocco), but apart from its cinematic fame, this North African nation may seem more like a mystery than a potential travel destination.

Which is a pity because Morocco happens to be one of the most enigmatic places you could visit. If you think it looks good on film, it’s even better in real life!

So if you haven’t considered visiting Morocco, keep reading. There are some really interesting things about the country that might just tempt you to put it high on your travel bucket list.

travel morocco

A Part of the Sahara Desert is in Morocco

The Sahara, which is the largest hot desert in the world, needs no introduction – it is famous all over the world for its breathtaking beauty. And part of it is in Morocco! The prospect of seeing these amazing sand dunes for real, not just in pictures or movies, should be reason enough to book a trip.

But it gets even better because there are a lot of exciting activities that you can do there, including camel and horseback rides, sandboarding, ATV adventures, and camping.


But It’s Not All Desert

Just because it’s best known for the Sahara, you may think Morocco is all desert. But it’s actually a diverse land that includes picturesque beaches, too. Along the country’s Atlantic coast is the resort town of Essaouira, where the breeze is always strong and perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Horseback rides along the beach are another popular activity there, and if you’ve ever watched one of those Essaouira sunset horseback riding videos, you’ll agree with us when we say it looks downright exhilarating!


It Feels Like You’ve Stepped Back in Time, or Into a Totally Different World

Marrakech is a bustling city in Morocco, a major economic center, and a popular tourist spot. Yet it’s unlike any economic center or tourist spot you’ve seen anywhere else. It has the largest souk (traditional market) in the country, which makes for great (and exotic) shopping.

Navigating these maze-like souks is an adventure in itself! The medina of Marrakech is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you’ll enjoy traditional architecture, cuisine, and culture. It feels like a different era or world altogether!


Hollywood Loves It!

If the sights of Morocco are giving you a strong case of déjà vu, that’s because movie production companies love to film there. Aït Benhaddou, an ancient earthen clay village between Marrakech and the Sahara, has been widely used as a film location, from The Mummy to Gladiator and Game of Thrones. There’s simply a mystique to this place that even Hollywood can’t resist. 

Just watch this travel video Morocco 4K, to see how magical this place is. The film is created by Not Just Colour, the digital education company founded by professional filmmakers Jake Rich and Anna Chahuneau to help content creators perfect their cinematography skills.

It features the interconnected stories of three storytellers sharing their visions of purpose-based traveling in the hope of sparking people’s love for post-pandemic traveling. The astounding scenes across the Sahara Desert, Aït Benhaddou, Marrakech, and Essaouira will make you wanna book a trip to Morocco right away!

travel morocco

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