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Order Delicious Food Online With Zoop For Group Train Travel

A group train trip with your friends, family, or coworkers always ensures a good time. When you order food in bulk on the train with Zoop, you can enhance the experience of your trip even more. One of our specialties is catering to large Online Order Food In Train from renowned restaurants in trains, and we have done so successfully in the past. Get discounts on your bulk orders of train food by downloading the Zoop app right away.

Follow these simple instructions to order a large meal for a group in a train.

Please enter your PNR number.

Enter the total number of passengers.

Pick your favorite dish from the menu.

Select the eatery and delivery location.

Your bulk order for food on the train is complete! Zoop services are offered at 250 stations and cover all significant trains operating in India.

When school, college, wedding, and official tour groups order food in trains, we pay particular attention. Additionally, we serve Satvik Bhojan to pilgrims on religious journeys during devotional yatras and take on bulk railway food orders. When you order food in bulk and book it through Zoop, you’ll receive the best deals and discounts.

Train reservations for bulk food:

When groups from schools, colleges, wedding parties, and official tours order Meals On Train by train, we take extra precautions. For pilgrims on religious journeys during devotional yatras, we also handle bulk online orders for railway food to serve Satvik Bhojan. When you order food in bulk and book it through Zoop, you’ll receive the best discounts and deals.

You can either place a bulk food order by phone at 91 801080 2222 or online by visiting our website. For placing bulk orders for group meals, you can also schedule a callback. Even on train trips, Zoop has successfully delivered meals to large parties of more than 500 people in a single order.

During the summer holidays, festivals, or wedding season, ordering large quantities of food on trains is very popular. Just make a day-ahead plan to get each traveling party’s preferred food.

Order Food on the Train through zoop

In India, Zoop is a recognized national aggregator for IRCTC e-Catering services, which provides Online Food Order In Train to rail passengers. Each restaurant listed on Zoop has been approved by IRCTC, and each delivery person has a current ID card at all times to prove their legitimacy. While placing a large order on a train trip, Zoop provides some of the best discounts and deals. Passengers must place their food orders at least 24 hours in advance, which is the only distinction between a regular order and a bulk booking order.

How do Do Train Group Meal Orders operate?

Contact us by phone at 91 801080 2222 or fill out the online form with your travel information.

Choose the delivery location from the online list.

Choose the eateries from the shared list based on your preferred cuisine.

Place your order using the restaurant’s menu card.

On your order, use discounts and promotions.

Pay the minimum. 30% online advance and the remaining 30% when the train delivers.

Zoop is your on-board food delivery companion.

Even if you travel long distances, Zoop is here to assist you with bulk Online Food Order In Train with our train food delivery app. With some of the best discounts on food from upscale restaurants, this service is accessible at 250 railway stations across India. In situations where not everyone is able to bring food on a trip, like college or school, our service is helpful.

In addition to serving Sattvic Bhojan from restaurants that have received FSSAI approval across India, we also cater to official tours and pay special attention to pilgrims. We are aware of their needs and always make sure they get the best food when they order it in a train because a lot of pilgrims visit sacred locations throughout India every year.

We have successfully served more than 500 passengers in a single order. Thanks to the cooperation of numerous restaurants and hotels with our food delivery on a train. Additionally, you can place a group Online Food In Train to be served on trains at https://www. the website Alternatively, you can call us at 91 801080 2222 to place your group food order on the train. Or download our train food delivery app on your smartphone.

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