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Nature parks put us all in a vivid painting of our home on Planet Earth. See some of our greatest destinations to put on your travel list!

Need a spectacular trip this summer? Add these nature parks to your itinerary

Sometimes, the news makes us feel like politics is all there is to the world. If we’re seeing mostly – or only – the ugly of the world, then soon, it becomes easy to forget how beautiful it really is and how good we have it. Nature parks put us all in a vivid painting of our home on Planet Earth. 

Summer is right around the corner, and this season makes some of the best times to travel. How could we not wander a little bit, with all this great beauty to behold across the globe?

With help from tourists and travel experts, we’ve gathered some of the best nature parks all over the world. These places were chosen for things like their camping opportunities, landmarks, and accessibility, so you can be sure you’ll only have the greatest destinations to put on your travel list.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

In the winter last year, Mt. Kilauea awakened in the park, giving birth to lakes of lava and dusty clouds into the winds. But this nature park is far from hell on earth, thus should not discourage you from planning a visit. 

Depending on your timing, you could safely watch the running fires like a live movie. You could engulf yourself in the views along Chain of Craters Road, explore the Kahuku piece and hike Crater Rim Trail.

Consider it a fiery, tropical vacation. 

Guilin and Lijiang River National Park

Perhaps you’re in the mood for something beautifully spooky? High peaks smokey from the clouds and peaceful rivers fill up the Guilin & Lijiang River National Park. You could hike the jagged limestone karst hills, and then later on, visit all the caves & cliffs throughout this nature park that have been the source of inspiration for Chinese painters & poets for centuries. 

Would you like to see a mountain that looks like an elephant bending over a river to drink the water? You could sail on a river cruise and ride past unique views.

Sagarmatha National Park

Spend this summer living around the kings of mountains. This nature park is home to Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. Most travelers (maybe yourself included) won’t dare to challenge Mt. Everest, but there are lots of villages for you to explore. Plus, you can enjoy this nature park’s natural beauty like an art gallery. 

For fancy mountains and vast valleys, Sagarmatha National Park hits the spot.

Jasper National Park

For anyone looking for immense outdoor activities & fun, Jasper National Park could be your destination. As the biggest nature park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper can be a specialty trip for all the seasons. 

Make your summer adventurous as you ride across the glistening waters, hike or bike across the lands. Come winter, you could do things like cross-country skiing, and ice-climbing in the water or go bird watching and watch the waterfalls in the spring and fall.

You’ll never take this nature park off your itinerary.

Grand Canyon

Imagine coasting in a helicopter, over the Grand Canyon dressed in extraordinary rock formations, shifting colors across great expanses & depth. Go water rafting down the Colorado River or merely hike the majestic landscape, sipping from sweet, icy cool beverages. 

Olympic National Park

Snow-capped mountains? A rainforest looking soft as cotton & wool? Add in a fantastic beach, and your summer is made! 

Go swimming in a beautiful waterfall – then visit the Hoh Rain Forest and tackle the Hurricane Ridge for a tough but captivatingly exciting hike. Finish the day at Kalaloch Beach for the perfect day in this nature park! 

Springbrook National Park

Have you ever seen water that shines like a freshly scrubbed opulent diamond? The water sparkles bright like little gems beneath the moon and the rest of the night sky. It’s called bioluminescence, and you won’t find this phenomenon anywhere. In fact, it’s rare on earth.

Full of expansive eucalypt forests, mountain streams, and twin cascades, Springbrook stands out amongst the nature parks. In addition to the luminous waters, you’ll see small larvae decorating an arched cave like nature’s Christmas scenery, with their intricate blue-green lights.

You’ll have so many options for pictures to cherish for the rest of your life.


Like we said, these are just some of the best nature parks to put on your vacation lists! So don’t limit yourself! Do you have any other places in mind we didn’t mention? Drop them off in the comments so we can add them next time!

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