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Everything About The Rome Film Festival One Must Know!

For anyone who is unaware about the Rome Film Festival must read further to know what value it holds. It is popularly called the ‘Festa del Cinema di Roma’. This is a festival which is held every year in Rome, Italy. Many tourists come to Rome in order to attend it in Europe. Apart from that, it is also known to showcase a diverse selection of international and Italian films that a movie enthusiast would love.

Also, if you are planning to visit this place in October, then great choice of timing. This festival is held in the month of October and it also lasts for ten days approx. Also, this is the time several range of films such as the feature films, documentaries, and short films, are mainly screened for the public and industry professionals. But that’s not all what the festival has to offer to its audience. This festival is a great opportunity for those who are filmmakers, actors, and other film industry representatives that come together in order to promote their works, participate in discussions, and also to attend various events and workshops.

What’s the buzz about the Rome film festival?

The buzz around Rome Film Festival can be measured by the fact that it is not just a place for the film screenings but it is a platform for red carpet premieres, gala events, and award ceremonies too. Within the award ceremonies, people who have made exceptional contributions to the world of Cinema are also honoured. The essence of this festival is such that it attracts filmmakers and celebrities from all over the world.

But given the number of film festivals that are held, the schedule can be a little different. This means that the program and events can vary from year to year. Which is why, you should wait this one out, instead you should check the official website of the Rome Film Festival or sources that can provide you with this information.

Want to travel to the Rome Film Festival on a budget?

If travelling to the Rome Film Festival is on your list this year, then you should buckle-up because not much time’s left for you to plan your trip to experience this amazing Film Festival. Also, you should be assured that your trip to this amazing Film Festival will be affordable and comfortable if you plan to opt travelling with Flixbus. Moreover, if you are travelling with Flixbus then you can also be assured that it indeed has multiple stops in Rome, which also includes Rome Piazza Indipendenza, Rome Termini, Rome Tiburtina bus station, and Rome Anagnina.

As per your convenience you can also select the stop which is closest to you and can easily purchase your tickets online or via the free FlixBus app. Along with that, Flixbus recommends their passengers to book their tickets in advance in order to take advantage of the best deals that they have to offer. Also, once you have arrived at your FlixBus stop in Rome, you can then use public transportation or taxi services to reach the location where the festival is held.

Not only that, the Rome Film festival is also a must-attend event for those who are interested in movies. What’s interesting is that it features a wide variety of films worldwide and also events which are attended by special guests. This will surely be an unforgettable experience! Get your bus tickets to Rome today, visit their website today to learn more.

What else to do when in Rome?

  1. A visit to the Colosseum: If you know someone who has already been to the Colosseum, then there is no way they would have missed this wonder from their list. Many people have been buying their ticket in advance for the same reasons since they cannot take the stress of standing in long queues. If you are visiting the Colosseum then you should also book a guided tour to enhance your touring experience.
  2. Tour the Roman Forum: This is something you can find adjacent to the Colosseum. Many people believe that the Roman Forum was the centre of ancient Roman life. It is also known to feature ruins of temples, government buildings, and other important structures. Also, many people wouldn’t know but this ancient place was also known as the world’s ‘old shopping mall’. So, make sure to not miss out on this one on your trip to Rome.
  3. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain: There is something authentic and poetic attached with throwing a coin at a fountain and wishing for something. It’s the overall vibe of the place that makes it quite authentic and significant. In fact, many people believe that if you do so, it will ensure your return to this amazing place called ‘Rome’.
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