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Run out of shows to binge? If you’ve ever felt the luck of the Irish, here are three of the best TV shows filmed in Ireland cities.

Luck of the Irish: All the best shows filmed in cities in Ireland

Look, we get it – you’re a busy person with a stacked schedule and you already have enough TV shows in your life to catch up on and waste time with. But we also know that you’re probably always on the lookout for a new TV discovery to be obsessed with.

There’s a lot of shows currently airing or available to stream not currently receiving the volumes of love they quite rightfully deserve and we think that’s a crime. All of these shows deserved to be discovered by more people but sadly they seem to continue to go under the radar. So if you’ve ever felt the luck of the Irish, here are three TV shows you didn’t know were filmed on the Emerald Isle.

Into the Badlands

AMC’s visually arresting martial arts series is rollicking good fun and truly crazy insane fight scenes featuring some of the choreography ever seen on TV.  S3 is currently airing but is just about to wrap up but if you’re a lover of great action and blood-soaked stories then you need to get with the program and binge watch the hell out of this Daniel Wu (Warcraft) and Emily Beecham (Dephne) starring series. 

The second and third jaw-dropping seasons were filmed in and around Dublin. We dare you to watch the show and not want to book your vacation to Ireland this year.

Game of Thrones

Over the course of its eight seasons, Game of Thrones took us to some fantastical realms, from the balmy Free City of Pentos to the frozen lands beyond The Wall. But while the landscapes of GoT are fictional, their locations are real – and dozens of the scenes were filmed in actual medieval castles, wild forests, and craggy mountain sides in Ireland. Don’t forget to visit the GoT museum in Belfast if you’re already missing the show.


Though show creator Michael Hirst has emphatically stated that “there’s no fantasy in Vikings” and that it’s apparently some accurate reconstruction of “real people and real events”, we’re going to go ahead and categorize it as fantasy because it completely lacks realism and often delves into the supernatural and the fantastic. 

Plus, of all the shows on this list, Vikings is the one that we’d most heavily recommend fans pining for the return of Game of Thrones to dive into.

It’s just as epic, savage, and compelling as the HBO show, with performances from folk like Travis Fimmel, Gustaf Skarsgård, and Katheryn Winnick adding extra dimensions of intrigue to the story. The vistas, locations, and scenery are amazingly beautiful and it all makes sense when you realize this is another show shot in gorgeous Ireland.

If you’re looking for the luck of the Irish don’t forget to enter the Irish National Lottery, it could help pay for your dream Ireland vacation.

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