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Xbox One has tons of free movie apps for players. Here's a rundown of the best free movie apps that the Xbox offers.

10 Best Free Movie Apps for Xbox One

Streaming media services are occupying the TV industry, and the largest player among them is Xbox and its streaming media applications. From learning apps to games to communication, everyone has an app. Users can browse hundreds of applications and purchase applications that can be used or received for free on the Xbox Marketplace. 

Xbox has evolved from a gaming center to a fully functional entertainment center. From the best free Xbox One movie app to an authenticated subscription service, eliminating the need for standard TV and cable suites, you will find all the best Xbox apps here, like Cinema HD APK.

Here are the best 10 apps for free movies for Xbox One, listed below:


Popcornflix is ​​another general choice of free movies. The app divides movies, TV shows, and viral videos into three different sections for easy navigation. Then, the movie section is divided into “most popular”, “staff selection”, “drama”, and “action” categories. The app contains popular movies, so you will not go out to watch lesser-known movies. 

Although Popcornflix is ​​supported, most of the ads are short and will not affect the overall viewing experience. Popcornflix can be used for iPhone, Android, Xbox One, Apple TV, etc.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crack is the best choice for streaming movies on the Internet. It not only has a huge collection but also provides free movie applications for almost all platforms and devices. All movies shown on Crackle have subtitles, indicating hearing impairment, usually; you do not need to register to watch free movies on the platform. 

However, these movies have ad support, so you have to deal with them while watching the movie. Sony crackle can be used for Android, Xbox One, iPhone, etc.

Snag Films

While many of the streaming services on free movies for Xbox list are great for finding entertainment and home movies. SnagFilms is best for those who like to enjoy thought-provoking documentaries and movies. SnagFilms divides its films into different categories, such as films about humans, climate change, and the environment, and stories about refugees and immigrants. 

If you are looking for classic movies and documentaries, SnagFilms is your ideal choice. The best part is that ads are displayed less frequently than other services.


Vudu is Wal-Mart’s response to Netflix. Although this service is known for home rental movies, there are hundreds of ad-supported movies that you can watch completely free of charge. The service has some shortcomings, but they can make up for each other. The main problem is that you have to log in to watch movies, and many free movies crash relatively quickly. 

On the other hand, the number of high-quality films is worth it. Vudu also regularly adds new movies, so it’s unlikely that you will run out of movies anytime soon and you won’t be able to stay busy.


Most movie viewing applications require an account. However, if you no longer want to subscribe to the service, Tubi is a free movie-watching app. You can also create an account or watch movies as a guest. There are both options. Most movies on Tubi are streamed in high quality. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about quality loss due to compression. Although there are many old movies there, you can also find new ones on Tubi. Movies are divided into several categories, but you can also divide the broad breakdown of movies into dozens of different parts.


Almost everyone has installed YouTube on his or her phone, but not everyone realizes that there are many free movies for Xbox on YouTube. Of course, you can rent (or even buy) new and popular movies, but if you want to participate in advertising, you can. Watch dozens of movies for free. 

Finding free movies can be tricky, but YouTube will choose a movie playlist, which makes finding free options easy. Many free movies are suitable for children or unknown movies, but if you want to watch new content, then exploring YouTube can be very interesting.


FilmRise is home to many popular classic and cult movies, and other services don’t have these types of movies. If you want to watch movies that may have passed since the whole year and prefer popular movies, check out FilmRise. Weird and dark movie, but if you want to check a lot of titles, you will find a lot of hidden gems.


Pluto TV has a large range of free TV channels with advertisements, but you can also find movies in the service. In particular, you can find channels for streaming movies, such as Channel 007, Pluto Spotlight Channel, and Pluto Movies Channel. Although you cannot choose which movie to play at any given time, you can enjoy a free Starz-style experience. 

The free Pluto TV movie app is available on almost all devices and is perfect for cutting cables.


Do you like the world of K-Pop? And if you want to watch a drama? If you answered yes to both questions, please check the Wiki. It is a free mobile movie streaming service that allows users to access a variety of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese movies. 

If you don’t speak this language, don’t worry. Viki provides subtitles in multiple languages. Although this is a more professional product, if you want to be different, Viki is a great choice.

Sling TV

Although Sling TV is considered a way to watch live TV without a cable subscription, the service has some free movies to watch. However, the UI is not set up for easy navigation, so some research is needed to find it. You should find free movies, not movies that require a subscription to watch.

Final Words

There are millions of different Xbox applications, from learning and documentation applications to games and sports, each of which provides unique features. There is everything for everyone with free to paid apps. 

Above are the 10 best apps for free movies for Xbox One that we think are the best, but there are more apps with enormous collections and facilities as well.

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