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Are you thinking about signing up for a YouTube Premium account? Check out everything that comes with YouTube Premium and how you can sign up.

What Is Youtube Premium? Everything You Need To Know About It

We all love watching YouTube videos but imagine watching them without ads and downloading all your favorite stuff to be available when offline. Well, your wish has come true because guess what? YouTube Premium is here to make it all happen. While YouTube is still a free platform to post and view videos online, YouTube Premium enables you to see those videos without interruptions. 

This means that you can watch these videos without any advertisements. For all this to work, you will need a reliable and fast internet connection and you must know that Cox internet prices are very affordable to fit the purpose. Once you have a high speed, reliable yet affordable internet connection, you are all set to enjoy the perks YouTube Premium has in store for you. Hop in to find more. 

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium brings forth an ad-free TV watching experience. Yes, you heard right. Now you can simply sit back and enjoy your favorite content without unending ads interrupting it all the time. In fact, there is a lot more than that. With YouTube Premium, your video will keep playing in the background while you open any other app on your device. 

You can also enjoy the benefit of downloading your favorite videos, so you can watch them later. This means that even if you do not have internet access during a commute, for instance, you can still enjoy watching your favorite content while offline. You can access all your favorite YouTube Originals on YouTube Premium. 

There is more good news. You can enjoy YouTube Music Premium along with your YouTube Premium subscription. So imagine all the goodness you are in for as you get access to the massive music library via YouTube Music.

Signing Up for YouTube Premium

To sign up for YouTube Premium, you can simply click on any of the pop up boxes to experience a free trial on your computer or any internet-enabled device. However, if you do not see a pop-up box, you can log in to YouTube and click on your profile picture. 

You will see an option of Paid Memberships. Once you choose this option, now select YouTube Premium. You will now be required to select a payment method. The first-month trial will be free. 

Cost of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium will cost you around $11.99 per month. In case you pay an additional $6 per month, you can allow up to five family members to access YouTube Premium. 

Thus at $17.99 monthly, you and your family can enjoy YouTube Premium to the fullest. 

YouTube Premium Originals

Another added advantage of a YouTube Premium subscription is access to all the freshly brewed content. You get to watch exclusive videos as well as the new original movies and shows. Now that is another big hype with YouTube Premium, since we are always excited about new content and greater variety, especially when it comes to originals. 

Access to Music

YouTube Music has been making waves as it is available for free, though there are ads. You cannot download music for free either to enjoy while offline. But, you can now access YouTube Music without any ad interruptions and download as many songs as you want for listening offline with a YouTube Premium subscription. It gives you access to both Play Music and YouTube Music Premium. 

Why Get YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is an outstanding channel that will offer you an immense library of content with no pauses, no interruptions, just the video you want to watch. For those who do not have an unlimited data plan, they can make the most out of it by saving their videos offline at a 1080p resolution. 

This also means that you have your top favorite song videos handy all the time. If you are still wondering if this ad-free YouTube version is worth it, then the answer is yes absolutely! Why worry when you can enjoy a free trial for a month? 


YouTube Premium was launched in the US and is also accessible in the UK. 

Wrapping Up

YouTube Premium has a lot to offer you and your family at the price that it comes for. You can enjoy fresh YouTube original content along with all the other video content. You also get to access YouTube Music for free along with your YouTube Premium subscription. 

The signing up procedure is very simple and you can take a free month trial to experience all the exciting features that it brings to you. So, get on the bandwagon to enjoy a seamless and ad-free video watching experience right away!

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