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6 uses of web scrapers in 2020

Websites are full of information these days, which can be beneficial for businesses, analysts and marketers. You need to own several important tools like a list of proxies, website scraper and rippers, to extract the valuable information from the internet.

The thought-provoking question is how this information is beneficial for anyone. You may also wonder if it is legal to access someone’s data without their permission. The answer is yes. Scrapping public information from websites is legal and allowed for fair use. This information can be used in several ways.

Some legal and ethical uses of scrapped information are listed below.

Lead generation

Lead generation is the use of web scraping to collect contact details, emails, phone numbers and addresses. It can be done to collect businesses of an industry or individuals associated with a specific industry.

The importance of lead generation is that it helps to collect information on prospects that can be nurtured until they reach the bottom of a funnel and become customers. The information can be targeted, and it helps to cold pitch the prospects. The common users of leads are bloggers and businesses.

Brand reputation monitoring

For earning a reputation in the market, brands need to focus on how the people perceive them. If they can analyze what they are liked for, they can enhance and focus on that product more.

It also helps brands to track the complaints, and bad experiences shared about them. Thus, they can resolve that issue and improve their service quality. Web scrapers serve as the best solution to get all the information and complaints about the brand’s services. Price comparison & product catalogue websites. Over the internet, we daily come across several price comparison websites. 

These websites are there for non-specialists to analyze the products they want to buy. The best examples can be a mobile phone and laptop price comparison sites. Such websites use web scrapers to find out the prices and features of the products to list them accordingly. Similarly, product catalogue websites also utilize scraping to produce lists of products in each category.

Job listings

Digitalization has revolutionized job hunting. From searching for job ads on newspapers to exploring the job boards now, it has been a great change in inexperience.

Job websites use scrappers and create job lists according to each category. If someone needs a content creation job, they don’t need to see marketers’ jobs in lists too. They only see content creation jobs which enhance user experience. Without web scraping, this would not have been possible.

Social media analysis

Web scrapers are not limited to scrapping business and website data. They are also used to extract information from social media platforms. Well, you may be thinking that how can this information help anyone.

Marketers use them to analyze public behavior and attitude towards social media pages of brands. They also use it to analyze the target audience. Audience behaviors are studied and utilized to run the most successful campaigns on the internet. Well-targeted ads are run by retrieved and analyzed data. Thus, the results and revenue generated from such campaigns multiply.

SEO analysis

Competition to rank on the search engines is exponentially increasing so is the need to search engine optimize the websites and content. Web scraping can be used to monitor the status of your web content efficiently. 

You can check out which web pages and articles are ranking on google. It makes it easier to track the rank of articles on google. SEO analysts can verify which keywords are playing more role in ranking and traffic generation. Thus, the performance and rankings of websites can be enhanced based on the retrieved data.

Final words

Web scraping is a quite useful tool. The data retrieved can be used for business strategies, brand image, ad campaigns, SEO analysis and job listings. The organized & targeted data obtained by web scraping should be used for user-experience enhancement. Any misuse or illegal activity may lead to severe consequences.

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