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Gamers are a tight knit community because games usually involve multiple people and make for people coming together. Here's how vaping comes in.

Vaping and Gaming: What you need to know about them

Gamers are a tight knit community because games usually involve multiple people and make for people coming together.  If the game is a board game, you naturally have to play with others.  With the internet and that ability to join forces with players from around the world, it’s easy to make virtual friends and bond with them over a quick game.  

But one thing that we noticed is that gamers also love to vape.  And when we talk about vaping, we are talking about vaping e-juice from vendors like Naked 100 or Cyclops Vapor.  In this piece, we will explain why vaping and gaming work so well together.

Portability Factor

Before the age of smartphones and the like, games were not very portable.  You would play computer games on a desktop personal computer.  Because these devices were so big, you could only play them in one location, basically where your computer sat.  These days, computer games are way more portable. 

For example, you could have your accounts connected so that you could play on different platforms. You could play on your computer, but then connect to that game on your mobile phone. Vape devices are also very portable, so you can take around wherever you need to go.

Whether you are taking a lunch break at a park, taking a walk in the street or just having a coffee outside a café, you can have a vape and play some games.  They are a welcome combination.

Less Breaks

One of the biggest benefits of vaping is that this is an activity that can be done inside.  Usually, people would have to go outside to have a cigarette break as you are often playing in a location that does not allow cigarette smoke indoors. In some colder locations, it is very brutal to step outside for even 5 minutes for a smoke break and your fingers become numb.  

You would have to warm up before playing again.  With vaping, the vapor will dissipate in a matter of seconds, so you will not be bothering anyone else and can vape and play at the same time.

Blending In

A lot about community and fitting in with a group is doing what people in the community do.  If your gaming community is full of vapers or even people who are using vape as a way to quit smoking, you may be left out if you are not vaping.  Well, the good news about vaping is there is plenty of 0 Mg nicotine vape juice that is created by all manufacturers.  

Similar to non-alcoholic beer or virgin drinks, you get to do what everyone else is doing, but not have the active ingredient that makes it popular.  In the case of the beer or the virgin drinks, it is the alcohol.  In vape, the 0 mg takes out the nicotine.

So, there you have it.  The ways in which vaping and gaming go hand in hand.  It is all about community and being a part of it.  So, if you find that there is a gaming community and are not interested in vaping nicotine juice, you don’t have to in order to fit in.

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