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It can be tough running an online business, but using Twitter can help with multiple aspects of your job.

Why Twitter is Essential for Online Business

Twitter remains one of the smartest and leading social media platforms in the world. It is a powerful marketing tool for any kind of business, from the smallest entrepreneur to well-known big businesses and brands. Developing a winning marketing strategy is costly and time consuming. This is even more challenging in the current harsh economic times we are living in.

The global financial markets are in a downtrend, making it very hard for anyone trying to run or manage a business. Adopting Twitter as a marketing tool is a great idea for any online business. In fact, besides being affordable and effective, Twitter is a user friendly and easy to use platform.

We highlight below some of the benefits of using Twitter for business, or rather, why this platform is essential for your business marketing strategy. There are many reasons why you need Twitter presence for your business. Your first step is to open a business Twitter account. The business page should obviously look professional and grab the attention of anyone visiting your page. Your Twitter page should also have many followers. You can buy twitter followers using SocialGreg to increase your online presence.

#1 Twitter Increases you Engagement with Target Audience

It is essential at this point to emphasize this. Twitter is an easy way you can engage with both your existing followers or customers and potential customers. It is the perfect platform to create a loyal customer base and engage with them along the way. You therefore need to build a community of followers, but at the same time, you also need to follow the people that are following you, your competitors, relevant influencers and all interested stakeholders in your business. Stay active and show interest in your followers’ tweets.

#2 Audience Targeting Made Easier

Targeting customers is made easier with Twitter. As a business you can study the interest of your target audience for example, look at their profile bios and even their opinions from the comments they posts. This will help you in developing and executing your sales strategy. Understanding customer needs is the most difficult thing for business owners, but this is now possible, thanks to Twitter. You can now make informed decisions from Twitter demographic or geographic data for example, know who and how to target them. 

#3 Grow your Brand

Twitter is the perfect platform to market your services or products and increase sales and revenue. You can tweet about your new products and promotions on your page. Such promotions will generate new leads and eventually result in increased sales for your online business.

#5 Get Feedback from Followers

As indicated earlier, Twitter encourages engagement with followers. The comments you get from the followers is good for your business. Normally, followers or customers are honest when they comment. Whether the comments are positive or negative, take them seriously. They help you improve on the quality of service or products. You can even use Twitter polls to understand their opinions. This is way cheaper than the traditional way of having to do the expensive and time consuming manual surveys.

#6 Improves your Website Ranking 

Did you know that up to 50% of people who visit a Twitter page, are also likely to visit the website linked to that Twitter business page. More traffic to your website means more business leads and more sales. Do not forget to share your website link on other social media platforms. This will definitely drive traffic to your website.

There are many benefits of using Twitter for business. If you haven’t opened a Twitter account for your business, it is never too late to do so. If you are scared, you can get expert advice from social media experts, for example, you can buy Twitter followers using SocialGreg to improve your online presence and increase revenue.

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