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Have you ever thought of streaming on allcreate? Here's all you need to know to gain confidence and start doing so.


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The Allcreate platform is undoubtedly going to be bigger than it already is. The streaming communication platform has been improving its functionality and user experience to help make content creators more comfortable. With a rise in the use of streaming services and a predicted rise in the market value by 21% within the next 8 years, streaming communication platforms will become a cash-cow in coming years. 

Sites like Allcreate and Talkytimes have become a sort of investment for streamers all over the world. Different platforms already offer monetisation opportunities but it is certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and every creator on the platform is working hard to become grounded on the site before the big money starts rolling in.

Even as the competition isn’t yet so stiff, you might already be facing hitches along the way. There are several methods of delivering content:

  • Textual content like Copywriting, Blog writing and scriptwriting 
  • Audio content like podcasts, OAPs and Voice-overs
  • Graphical content like photography, design and painting
  • Video content like screenplay, streaming and skits 

On Allcreate, video content is the main method required. You may be finding it a bit difficult to release great content for your followers. This may be because you are more inclined towards other methods of delivery and the transition is proving difficult. It could also be because you are missing out on doing some important things. Whatever the reason is, we want to bring ease to your streaming journey today and discuss key things that will help you boost confidence on this journey.

Confidence is important for content creators and more so for streamers. There’s no room for editing or retakes, you deliver your content raw to the audience. You need to be confident before, during and after the stream because confidence affects one’s creativity. That’s why we’ll be giving you important tips to boost your confidence as a streamer on Allcreate.

These tips aren’t limited to the Allcreate platform. You will get useful content on how to be a successful content creator. 

Tip #1 – Pick a niche you are comfortable with

A common mistake that people make is that they decide to create content based on what’s trending. Do not forget that what is trending today will be old news in a few days time. This is why it is important to pick a niche where you have enough knowledge and foundation. Many criteria are to be considered when picking a niche. This includes, but is not limited to, trends, knowledge, and passion.

This is the foundation of your content. With a comfortable niche you have less stress preparing, researching and processing of detail. It’s an additive factor to why the lifestyle niche is one of the leading niches in content creation, as it is much easier to discuss your day-to-day activities.

Tip #2 –  Never stop developing your knowledge about your niche

If you have picked a niche you are comfortable in, you should understand that the comfort was for you to be able to make content easily, it’s not an excuse to be stagnant. Many creators depend on their residual knowledge and basic ideas in order to come up with content,  but that sets you up for a trap. You find yourself trying so hard to avoid repeating a lot of things you’ve already said before during your streams.

Improving the knowledge you have in that field indirectly increases your content bank. You get new words, new terms, new descriptions for several things. This builds up your confidence while streaming because the words come easily, and the flow will be smooth. Do not make the mistake of seeking knowledge only when you are close to making a stream. Live through your content and your delivery will always be seamless.

Tip #3 – Do proper research on your target audience 

The Allcreate community is an international one, and very diverse. There are people of different cultures, backgrounds and values. It would be wrong of you to think you can constantly create content that could please every member of this community. You need to have a target audience. This is not something you just decide by a single thought. There are proper steps on how to research your target audience that would help you come about a specific group of people.

The importance of a target audience is that it helps you tailor your delivery better. Things like the type of words you use and the references you would make during a stream would become easier because you know the words your target audience would understand. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sideline other people, but your focus needs to be known in order to build your confidence when speaking.

Make sure to find out what your primary target audience are interested in, set your stream to times of the day when they would be free and able to participate and put them into consideration for all steps you take.

Tip #4 – Interact positively with your audience

Fear is the common factor as to why a lot of streamers are low on confidence. Being too cautious so as not to make mistakes ends up making the whole stream look like a mistake. The fear in itself is a testament to how much you want to succeed but it shouldn’t end up hindering the success.

Ever wonder why you are comfortable around friends and family, but not so much around your streaming audience? It’s because you understand that there is a relationship between you and your friends and family. This defining of a relationship is what you need to do with your audience.

Audience interaction helps to create that bond between streamers and the followers. Giving shoutouts to followers, discussing with them and appreciating them once in a while develops this bond. The presence of the Allcreate functionality where the followers can donate and appreciate you with online gifts is a way they can also use to interact back with you positively. I’m pretty sure if you’ve gotten a few gifts in your last 3 streams the next one won’t seem so scary.

Tip #5 – Create content consistently 

The more you create content, the more comfortable you get at creating more content. It’s basically a “practice makes perfect” scenario. You don’t have to put out all your practice videos, but sharing some with the world (at least, those that are good) is useful for character development.

Confidence and content creation share an interwoven relationship. You may have read this article because you do not have enough confidence to create content consistently, but it’s also ironic to find out that you need to create content to build your confidence. Once you start out and maintain a level of consistency, the changes to both your confidence and the quality of your content will be clear as day.

Scheduling your content for days, or even weeks before is good practice. It also helps to have days when you release content that is known to both you and your followers, this creates a sense of responsibility,  and you wouldn’t want to disappoint the expectant followers.

Tip #6 – Learn from other creators

Your audience are not the only people you have to learn about. You also should take a look at your fellow creators, most especially those in your niche. You would learn a lot from other content creators directly or indirectly.

Directly you could learn better structure, best practices, and new techniques, most especially from those who are more established and seem to be doing better. Some of them could have courses you could check out or even offer consultation services that you can benefit from.

Indirectly, watching other creators could be a morale booster. You could find out that some people aren’t even doing as well as you but they remain consistent. This could also have a negative effect on you if you realise that some, who aren’t doing as well as you, have more engagement. But you need to go at it with a clear and positive mind.

Collaborations could arise along the way between you and these other content creators. It doesn’t do so much for the confidence but it helps to build your brand and give you more exposure.

In Conclusion

The Allcreate community offers a welcoming online space for self-expression without underestimation of anybody’s work. The only thing you have to fear is within you, and it is easy to overcome with practice. Following these simple tips you would be motivated enough to create top-notch content for your viewers.

Another personal tip is to look into how you can improve your basic streaming setup, this can give you an edge over other video content creators in the industry.

And, if all these aren’t motivation enough, remember that Allcreate has monetisation opportunities and that the commercial future of the streaming industry is very bright. We’re sure you don’t want to miss out on that.

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