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If one year of quarantine has given us anything, it has recontextualized bingewatching. Find out how to stream movies online instead of using 123movies.

Everywhere you can stream new films instead of 123movies

If one year of quarantine has given us anything, it has recontextualized binge-watching. The previously guilty pleasure we needed to cut down on is now a sanity-saving pastime. However, tried & true Netflix & Hulu catalogs can only hold attention for so long. Even if they do, the extended free trial offers of the early pandemic have long since expired. For many, the next best thing has been illegally torrenting films for free.

123movies has been a solid favorite for those unfazed by the dangers of internet piracy, with a growing catalog of films enticing enough to make even the most timid of stay-at-home moms research VPNs. As governments steadily catch up to online piracy, what else is out there?

Luckily, there are several alternatives to 123movies online for those not quite ready to take the plunge into piracy and potential malware exposure. Here are some streaming alternatives to 123movies online that are just as enticing.


Black history month is at the forefront of current programming for Xumo TV. Several video-on-demand titles and TV series at the top of their list showcase numerous black voices & experiences. With both a desktop & mobile app, there’s much to explore if you can get over the occasional block of ads.


If you have been on the internet for the last decade or so, odds are you have found yourself on IMDb at least once. Their database of film industry staff, movie statistics, theater showtimes, and actor profiles is a film industry backbone in itself—with a streaming service to match. Aside from creating an account, there are few hoops to jump through in order to indulge here. Just be prepared for an ad or two.


Those who enjoyed visiting the library pre-pandemic may be pleased to know their library card has even more value in quarantine with Kanopy. If it’s not buried in your messy room, your library card can access all of Kanopy’s classic cinema & documentaries with nary an ad in sight. If that’s not enough, you can also access Kanopy on Roku after a quick setup tutorial.

A big reason many streaming sites don’t give Netflix a run for its money is its filtering system is second to none. Luckily, offers a filtering system that can easily appease picky moviegoers. Although a few hidden advertising blitzes can make your time on feel like a game of whack-a-ad, watching an unreleased movie or TV show in 1080p HD is well worth the fight.


Want some good news? You don’t need an account to dive into PopcornFlix. Like several of the aforementioned choices, PopcornFlix’s catalog is formidable and also available as a mobile app. Of course, the catch to any free online streaming opportunity is ads. Luckily, there aren’t that many to sit through when it comes to PopcornFlix.

While not quite reaching the 1080p heights of, 720p resolution is still welcome viewing on Gostream. If being ad-free wasn’t icing on the cake, its filtering system offers plenty of specificity for movie buffs looking past blockbuster titles. As always, there is a catch. While there are no ads, there are also no TV series available. For said movie buffs, Gostream still remains a winner.


Free 1080p HD viewing is a jackpot situation in any online streaming experience. AZMovies offers more of those experiences than most on this list. The occasional 720p resolution offering is there, however the ad blitzes far outnumber them. Not for the faint hearted, getting through these ads will test your patience. Alas, you’ll likely be rewarded with high definition viewing.

What other alternatives to 123movies online have you found during quarantine? Let us know in the comments!

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