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Starz is an online streaming service and it is a collection of multiple original shows and your favorite movies. Here's how to claim your free trial.

How to Activate Starz Free Trial

Starz is a very popular streaming service with the best series and movies along with amazing offers so in this blog you will get to know all about Starz and the ways to activate Starz free trial offer.

What is Starz?

Starz is an online streaming service and it is a collection of multiple original shows and your favorite movies. It has monthly and annual subscription packs to watch the best shows from apple TV, amazon fire TV, smart TV, and Xbox consoles. It has different free trial offers on various platforms before subscribing to the service.

This service is free of cost if you want to watch the latest shows and movies but to access the original content of Starz then you have to subscribe on the Starz network. It covers all the popular and demanding on its network and is divided into different genres and subgenres according to your interests and theme of the season.

Benefits of Starz

Starz is one of the best streaming services with a huge collection of shows and movies with a trial also to make you clear about its services. It considers all the fans and their demands so here are some key points that show some ways by which Starz is different from any other streaming platform. 

  1. The content over this platform is according to the demand of its fans and with an ability to record the shows and movies.
  2. It provides you a free trial of at most 30 days prior to the subscription of this streaming service to enjoy its services free of cost.
  3. Subscription is very affordable and a very beautiful package with a much reasonable price makes it popular for the age of generation.
  4. Along with the original shows of Starz and popular movies, you can also watch all the Sony content including its series and movies because the company has tied up with Sony company.

How to Activate Starz Free Trial?

Starz provides you free content including all the original shows and movies on three platforms where you can enjoy the trial period of different periods. 

There are three platforms available that give you free trials of Starz namely amazon prime, standard Starz app, and Roku device. Read the whole process below to get more information regarding these free trial methods.

  1. Amazon prime

This is the platform that has an amazing collection of every aired movie as well as each series and its original content attracts everyone the most. Almost every internet user uses amazon prime for online streaming and you will be amazed to know that you can get your Starz free trial from this platform for seven days after login by the Starz app.

You just need to open Starz visible on the amazon prime window and just need to log in on the Starz app by giving information like email, mobile number, etc. On the screen you can see the option to start a free 7-day trial, so just click over that icon to get your free stuff for 7 days including all the original content as well as popular shows and movies.

  1. Standard app

This method of getting a free trial is done by the Starz app, so here below are some easy steps to get the 7 day free trial of Starz whole content. Follow these steps to grab your material now.

Step 1:  Download and install the Starz app from the store of your mobile or computer.

Step 2: Fill in all personal details required to log in to the app and then go to the menu option available at the top.

Step 3: Choose the setting option from the menu and click on subscription to gain a free trial offer.

Step 4: When you click on subscription the app will ask you to provide the transaction or payment details to it to confirm the subscription.

Step 5:  after providing payment details you will get all the content for free by Starz app and if you do not want paid content then just unsubscribe the service just before the trial period gets over.

  1. Trial with Roku Device

This is just similar to the amazon fire TV who provides online streaming content of movies, shows, and series with the best offers and services. You are eligible for Starz free streaming only if you apply for Starz streaming within 30 days of purchasing the Roku device.

This device provides you the whole streaming content of the Starz app for 30 days which is the best opportunity to grab and enjoy all the best series and original premium content of Starz service for free of cost.

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