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Do you know you can spy on text messages and track phone calls using TheWiSpy app? Find out how you can spy on phone calls today.

How to Spy on Phone Calls and Text Messages

Children today are much more into technology than their parents. Teens are smart, and they know how to keep their digital life secret. We understand that it becomes tough for parents to keep tabs on their kids’ social life once in a while. Accept it or not, we all have tried to sneak into our teen’s phone. Teenage is a time to set future goals and work hard to achieve the targeted objectives. But unfortunately, teenagers divert their focus on relationships, online media, games, parties, and other unfruitful activities. It is important to know what your child does on his/her cell phone, especially in their teenage. 

In the corporate industry, you can’t just trust your employee blindly. Business owners must stay vigilant when it comes to venture confidentiality. The activity of work phone monitoring is becoming common at the enterprise level. 

That’s why it is necessary to use phone monitoring software mSpy. It allows you to see messages from social networks like Facebook and Instagram, see Whatsapp and Snapchat conversations. Your child may not know who s/he is talking to. Cell phone monitoring is a way to protect your child from online perverts. For real-life protection, you can use the location tracking function of mSpy. You will be able to see the direct location of your child`s cell phone. Whenever your child doesn’t come home on time, you will see the proper cell phone location. Use mSpy to protect your nearest and dearest.

Do you know you can spy on text messages and track phone calls using TheWiSpy app?

TheWiSpy is a phone tracking and spying app that allows its users to record phone calls and spy on text messages of someone secretly. It helps you monitor your target device and track all the ongoing cyber activities without even touching the device.

So, wasting no time, let’s see how you can track someone’s calls and messages using the TWS app.

How to Spy on Calls and Text Messages? TheWiSpy 

Spying on someone’s phone calls and text messages can be tricky if you fall for the claims of a fake spyware app. TheWiSpy spyware application is a reliable and secure app to track the mobile activities of your target device. 

Here is how you can start tracking phone calls and messages with TheWiSpy app:

Step 1: Registration & Installation:

Here is the very first step. To spy on text messages and record incoming plus outgoing calls, you must purchase a TWS license. For that, visit the official website, and tap or click on the sign-up button. Now, register yourself with TWS by creating an account. Pick a subscription package and purchase the license. Once you pay for the subscription, check your email. An official mail from TWS will be sent to your email address. Read the email thoroughly as it contains TWS download URL, an activation key, and an app installation instructional manual. Once you get the email, it’s time to install TWS on the device you wish to monitor.

To install the TWS app, get access to your target device and open the browser on it. Remember, TheWiSpy installation process requires one-time physical access to the phone/tablet you want to track. TWS installation process does not take more than 5 minutes. Upon installation, TWS will ask for specific permissions that you must allow in order to access the target device completely. There is no need to touch your target phone or tablet once you install TWS on it.

Step 2: Log In to TheWiSpy Account:

Now, it’s time to open TheWiSpy control panel so that you can enjoy its high-end spying features. Go to from your cell phone or desktop browser. Log in to your registered TWS account. You will access the dashboard. From the sidebar menu, you can pick the feature to monitor specific cell phone activities in real-time.

Note that TWS is not an app to record phone calls only, but it delivers other spying features. Screen recording, camera spy, surround recording, app monitoring, TWS is packed with quality spying features.

Step 3: Check Phone Calls and Text Messages:

After signing in to your TWS control panel, you can pick features to check phone calls and text messages.

How to Spy on Phone Calls?

TheWiSpy is an app to record phone calls enabling you to listen to the call recordings remotely. From the TWS dashboard, click the call recording feature from the sidebar menu. A list of dialed and received phone calls will appear. You can not only listen to call recordings but check call durations, contact numbers, dates, and timestamps as well.

Moreover, you can download the call audio files as evidence.

How to Spy on Text Messages?

To check the text messages, click on the messages option from the sidebar menu of the TWS control panel. From here, you can track text messages along with contact details, dates, and timestamps. 

TheWiSpy – A Comprehensive View:

TheWiSpy app is specifically designed to help curious parents discover the online space of their children. The TWS app also offers products to ease employee surveillance and provides efficient solutions to control the digital activities of your target device. 

Here are some more details of this awesome spyware app that you should know before purchasing it.                                        


TWS is an affordable app. The pricing packages of TheWiSpy app start from $9.99, making it the most affordable spyware in the online market. It offers starter, basic, and premium license subscriptions. You can avail of 15 days to 6 months subscriptions; it all depends on your spying needs. TWS basic package starts from $19.99, whereas its premium subscription starts from $29.99 a month.


TheWiSpy is an Android-compatible spyware app. It can monitor Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Google, and other popular devices running the OS version of 4.0 or plus. You can set up the TWS app on Android smartphones and tablets and monitor the digital activities of your target device remotely.

Remote Access:

One of the greatest qualities of the TWS app is that it provides its users with remote access to any device they desire to monitor. Now, you don’t need to sneak into your child’s phone because TheWiSpy app offers remote monitoring. You can watch your kids’ mobile activities from your own device via the TWS control panel. 

Customer Support:

When it comes to tech-related queries, TWS customer support is available round the clock to answer your questions with the best solutions. You can contact TWS customer support via live chat and email and get a response within a few minutes.

The Concluding Lines:

If you are looking for an app to record phone calls and spy text messages, TheWiSpy is the monitoring solution for you. It is the most competent spy app with loads of monitoring features. You can always test TheWiSpy app demo and get insights into the app functionality. Even the lightest TWS subscription offers necessary features that can help you spy on major activities of cell phones and tablets.

Don’t waste time on bogus spy apps, as it will only waste your time. We recommend you use the TWS app for seamless phone call recording and text message tracking features.

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