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Are you looking for the best cable package for your home? Learn all about Spectrum Gold and how it can provide internet, cable, and phone!

Everything that Spectrum Gold Package Offers

Spectrum is a collection of advanced broadband services. It provides a full range of services including Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Voice, Spectrum TV, and Spectrum Cables. 

The Spectrum service area covers about 44 states and 32.2% of households across the country. It is the second-largest cable and internet provider in the United States known for offering affordable prices, high-speed internet with no data caps, and additional contracts.

Spectrum services have been offering many plans and packages for its customers over the years. The top three packages include Spectrum Select Package, Spectrum Silver Package, and Spectrum Gold Package. All three packages provide several perks to cater to the needs of customers.

Here we are going to list down the details of Spectrum old Package for you.

Types of packages and bundles Spectrum Gold offers

Spectrum Service is offering three Gold packages to their beloved customers that are:

Spectrum TV Gold

The Spectrum TV Gold Package is the ultimate deal for TV lovers. It provides you access to a wide range of sports and movie channels. This service comes with a free Spectrum TV app too so that you can view your TV shows even when you’re away from your TV or on the go.

The Spectrum TV Gold package provides you 200 plus channels that comes with free high-definition programming. It also offers several titles on your demand with an amazing HDTV display to enhance your TV experience. To know the price range of the package per month click here

With the Spectrum Gold TV package, you can watch your TV on all the compatible smart devices available at your home. You can also watch it on the go using the spectrum TV app. The package comes with no hassle, no contracts, and no risks of hidden charges.

Spectrum TV Gold and Internet

Spectrum TV Gold and Internet is a double play package that provides you with all of the services that are present in the Spectrum Gold TV package and Spectrum Internet package. So you can enjoy TV service as well as streaming through other services using the Spectrum internet.

This package provides the Spectrum internet with super-fast speeds up till 200Mbps in which the speeds for wireless may vary. It comes with an internet modem that is free of cost. The price for a Double-Play Spectrum TV Gold and internet package is $139.98 per month for the initial 12 months when bundled.

As this package also provides you with the services of Spectrum TV Gold package, this means you’ll get 200 plus channels which you can view using your spectrum app too. Offer includes thousands of On-demand shows and movies with the benefit of unlimited data. The best part is that the spectrum TV double-play Gold package also comes without any contracts, any hassle, and no risk policy making it an easy option to opt for its customers.

Spectrum TV Gold, Internet, and Phone

Spectrum services have all figured out for its customers with the Spectrum TV Gold, Internet, and Phone package. It’s a triple play package that comes with super-fast internet speeds, fully HD cable services, and high-quality phone services for your home.

This triple-play package will cost you $152.97/ month for the first year of subscribing to the service. The package includes all the benefits that you can avail of from Spectrum TV Gold and spectrum internet i.e. 200 plus channels with free HD, free spectrum TV app, free internet modem, amazing internet speeds up to 200Mbps along with incredible phone calling services.

With the unlimited calling benefits you can call your friends and family in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and many more countries. The triple play package provides a wide range of up to 28 popular calling features. In addition to all this, it gives free access to Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi, nationwide.

How to upgrade to the Spectrum Gold Package?

Spectrum offers multiple ways to upgrade your package from the Select package or Silver package to a premium one like Spectrum Gold. All you need to do is get in touch with someone from customer service and ask them to upgrade your package. The Spectrum Customer Service number is 1-844-760-4219.

Spectrum Service is known for its highly-trained customer service staff that is 24/7 available. They will guide you through upgrading your plans and give you all the details you need to know.

Summing it up:

We have provided you with all the information you need to know about the Spectrum Gold Package. Rather than getting into the hassle of having a different provider for TV, internet and phone each, Spectrum service has made it easy for their customer by providing all under one package.

This will save you a lot of money and effort also Spectrum services are known for being contract-less and hassle-free. So it’s high time you upgrade your low-tier plans to Spectrum Gold Package to enjoy the best of all three services.

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