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In recent years, numerous industries have established streaming services. Which streaming service has the most subscriptions?

How to save money on streaming subscriptions

It used to be easy to save money on streaming subscriptions. Paying $8.99 for services like Netflix and Hulu was a lot cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars for cable TV. Plus, they offered more options for watching what you wanted rather than settling for whatever happened to be on at the moment.

Times, however, are changing. Hulu still offers lower rates. Yet, the number of channels you have to subscribe to individually starts to add up fast. You can’t watch movies like The Green Knight without adding the Showtime channel. You can’t watch shows like P-Valley without adding the Starz channel. 

Even Netflix is constantly going up in prices only to now consider adding advertisements. The price of home entertainment is steadily climbing into areas many people either can’t afford or just don’t want to pay. Here’s a few ways to save money and watch what you want.

Bonus Panda

Sometimes the best way to save money on streaming subscriptions is by finding exclusive promo codes. Services like Disney Plus often offer free trials for new users.  This can also be done with a simple internet search. The best deals aren’t always obvious, but they do exist.

If you’re lucky, you can find a one-stop-shop for all your promo needs. Sites like give users all over the world easy access to codes in their area. Different countries have different streaming access. Naturally, this means they have different discount needs as well.

Bonus Panda has a variety of deals for the U.K., Finland, the U.S., India, Australia, Poland, and Turkey. The U.S., for example, offers promo codes for Amazon. This makes it cheaper to enjoy shows like The Boys through Prime Video instead of paying full price.


Search engines like Google and many others are reliable when it comes to learning how to save money on streaming subscriptions. The more you know about what you’re trying to find, the easier it is. The only thing more reliable than looking on the internet is relying on a community.

Slickdeals is a website where a community of people who love movies & TV shows share deals that they’ve found. They share knowledge beyond what pops up during an internet search. This is when the deals get really exclusive and even easier to share among many at the same time.

Over 47k users have redeemed a two-month premium trial with Paramount+. Even more have enjoyed 50% discounts with HBO Max. These are just a few examples of the amazing amounts of money you can save on streaming when you can connect with other users.

Switch it up

If push comes to shove, the best way to save money on streaming subscriptions is by using the best strategy. It’s not about having the best deal or promo code. Rather, it’s about being smart about how and when you use your service on a month-to-month basis.

Fortunately, various services have made it easier to pause one’s use. Companies do it because they think users have a better chance of coming back if their service isn’t completely canceled. However, this makes it easier to pause subscriptions and, thus, pause the payments that go with them.

It also gives users the opportunity to be intentional about what service they use at any given time. You can pause Hulu for a month and focus only on Netflix content, which will cut down how much you pay during that time. There’s many ways to be smart how you consume content, you just need a good plan.


Everyday new channels are going the streaming route. This means services like Hulu are constantly increasing both their monthly & annual prices. Cinemax is just one example of an individual channel that requires users to pay separately from their Hulu bill.

However, just because corporations are greedy, doesn’t mean your wallet has to pay the price. There are a variety of channels & subscriptions users have to pay for to watch their favorite movies & TV shows. There are just as many ways to save money on streaming subscriptions.

Whether you’re simply doing a Google search or joining a community, there are many options. Don’t let corporate greed cause you to spend more money than you need just to be entertained at home. Use these resources and find ones on your own. Let the savings begin!

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