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Recover scammed Bitcoin and avoid Bitcoin recovery scam

Perhaps, you probably just realized you have fallen for a bitcoin scam. And you are going through a range of emotions; anger, regrets or sadness. But you are also not ready to give up without putting up a fight to try to recover your scammed bitcoin. But then you should also not get your fingers burnt a second time.

You should never be re-victimized by crypto recovery scams. It is important to note that in as much as there are a few legit and professional funds recovery experts. There are also some fake “recovery experts”, so you need to be sure of who you choose to work with. This article provides all the information you need to recover money lost to crypto scam.

How to Spot a Fake Bitcoin Scam Recovery Service

The following are warning signs of a fake bitcoin/cryptocurrency scam recovery service. Any of them should be considered a red flag that raises your suspicion. Report any follow-on fraud attempts to relevant law enforcement authorities.

  • You are given a price quote for the service by the company right from the first contact you made to them, before finding out the necessary information about the company that scammed you in the first place.
  • They insist you communicate through instant messaging platforms such as Telegram.
  • The recovery company does not show up in organic search results, but only on paid advertisement or social media advertisements.
  • They insist you must provide a bank account details so the “recovered” funds can be deposited directly into your bank account.
  • You receive random phone calls, letters, or emails from people you don’t know or companies you never initiated contact with.
  • The person or organization knows a lot about the money you lost.
  • The person or organization is using a web-based email address, like “Yahoo”.
  • Organization seals, logos, graphics, or signatures do not look real.
  • There are grammar and spelling errors.

How Fake Bitcoin Scam Recovery Recycle Bitcoin Scam Victims

A common tactic often employed by bitcoin recovery scammers is to contact existing victim of bitcoin investment scam. After crypto scammers steal their victims’ money, they also profit from the victims’ personal information, like credit card details – either by hanging onto it for some time and returning to run another scam or selling it on the dark web.

Victim lists can include payment and contact information, personal details, the amount of money taken, and the type of scam that was used. The popular approach is that a victim receives a phone call or email from a person claiming to be an agent of government, an attorney, or recovery service representative.

How to Avoid Falling Victim of Bitcoin Recovery Scam

In most cases, the fraudsters claim to have the money already in hand, or are working with the court to distribute the funds. In other cases, the victims are told that the fraudsters who took their money have been tracked down and the caller is notifying victims to begin a civil court action.

Sometimes, victims are told that most or all their money will assuredly be returned if they first pay a small donation, retainer, or overdue taxes. However, after making the first payment, requests for more funds often follow.

Bitcoin Scam – How to Recover Scammed Bitcoin

According to the Broker Complaint Alert (BCA), between July 2021 and January this year, more than 8,650 from different parts of the world filed a report about losing money to bitcoin scam, bitcoin wallet attack and other related attack. The total amount of lost bitcoin reported was over $145 million in crypto, binary options scams.

That is over 18 times more than the same period a year earlier. There are now a few possible options for you to recover your lost funds from bitcoin scam, crypto scam or any other online investment scam. We recommend CryptoInvestigo to everyone looking to recover scammed bitcoin.

How Man Recovered Scammed Bitcoin Using CryptoInvestigo

Steve was a French victim of bitcoin scam who lost a total of 417,000 Euros to a fake cryptocurrency exchange, trading and investment company. He was also fortunate and smart enough to have hired the service of CryptoInvestigo, a digital currency recovery company. And CryptoInvestigo was able to help him recover all his lost funds.

If you suspect you have been defrauded by a crypto investment company, you can file a report with BCA. You can also try to negotiate with it directly. But as is often the case, if the fraudulent firms’ fails to respond appropriately, then contact CryptoInvestigo by sending an email to:

IMPORTANT: Due to large volumes of request, CryptoInvestigo only takes cases worth $100,000 (and above).

Contact CryptoInvestigo right away, send an email to:

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