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Quntis Christmas Lights are some of the best holiday decorations on the market. Find out which Quntis products work best for you.

Why you should buy Quntis Christmas Lights this season

Against all the odds thrown at all of us throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have made it to yet another Christmas season. For all the economic recovery brought about by way of discounts and extended Black Friday deals, it’s a relief to see retailers are still offering unprecedented low prices for the holiday season. 

For everyone who celebrates Christmas, it’s time to finally break out the Christmas tree and upgrade decorations to reflect the collective giving spirit. Luckily, Christmas retailer Quntis just announced their latest lineup of Christmas tree decorations in the form of treetop stars, warm white wrap-around lights and waterproof multicolor wrap-around lights.

Let’s take a closer look at everything Quntis has in store for this holiday season.

Christmas star

Quntis’ newest edition of their Christmas Star Tree Topper with LED Rotating Snowflake Projector Lights (discount code: 8% ELKTRYLED) is one of their most popular items. What is not immediately apparent is that it is also a star projector, able to project snowflakes onto the walls at a full 360 degrees of rotation. Quntis lists the overall coverage of the light at 180 degrees with four upgraded LED lamp beads. 

On their official website, Quntis lists the official dimensions as 9.4” x 10”x 2.4” with a power cable reaching nearly 10 feet. With a tapered column design across the entire piece, its an accessory suitable for living room Christmas trees of nearly all sizes with added durability to match. 

Classic wrap-around

Quntis in entering the holiday season with full upgrades yet they are not above tradition, offering a fully capable wrap-around outdoor light rope in classic off-white color. The lights are made of 100% copper wire, with sturdy tubing that prevents overheating even after hours of usage. Christmas Warm White Lights are available to purchase at a discount with the code: 8% ELKTRYLED.

Beyond the durability, it also features 8 different flash modes and light patterns: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing and Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle and Flash, and Steady On. With memory control functionality, the lights will not reset the lighting mode setting after being unplugged.

Waterproof Christmas

Sporting the same light modes and memory functions of the previously mentioned Classic wrap-around lights, Quntis new waterproof lights offer a multicolor option at over twice the length. Measuring over 1000 feet, the extra flexible LED String Light has been upgraded with 2,026 SMT LED beads each boasting a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours.

Alongside anti-tangle tubing, this waterproof option is set to be a welcome addition to especially wet climates during the winter. You can purchase Christmas Colored Lights  with the discount code: 8% HAORUILED.

Icicle Windows

In a recent statement, Quntis was proud to share their icicle lights receiving a safety certification for the holiday season. 

“Our dripping icicle lights with 80 drops(drop lengths 11.8”- 15.7”- 23.6”- 27.6”), 32.8ft long and 9.8ft extension cord. As these icicle lights are made of 100% copper wire, it will not overheat after many hours of usage.” they said. “The 30V low voltage power adapter passes with CE and UL588 certification, with short-circuit protection design to keep your home and family safer.”

Alongside the certification, we are happy to report that the icicle lights will also support the same memory functionality as the waterproof lighting edition and light modes. Christmas Icicle Lights can be purchased with the discount code: 8% QUNTISLED.

Star light, star bright

Quntis’ final edition to their Christmas lineup is a window hanging option that comes in both classic warm white and multi-color. 

The window lights come with a total of 180 LEDs and 8 multi-colored stars (4 big stars and 4 small stars). Each star alternately droops 2ft or 3ft, and vivid red, blue, yellow, and green LED beads add a joyful festival atmosphere. These soft-color lights dangling behind the curtain create a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for playing with kids or enjoying a romantic dinner with your lover.

The Christmas Colored Star Curtain Lights are available at a reasonable price with the discount code: 8% QUNTISLED.


What other kinds of Christmas light configurations would you like to see from Quntis? Let us know in the comments!

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