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Parler is back online, but it isn't exactly as you remember it. Find out how the app has changed in its month offline.

The Parler app is live again: See how the social media network changed

Parler is a niche app, but its audience isn’t small. However, the conservative leaning social media app found itself in a sticky situation after it seemed to be an organizing platform for violent acts – specifically the storming of the U.S. Capitol building during the electoral college vote in January.

Amazon’s Web Services stopped providing site hosting services to Parler after the storming of the capitol over concerns about the app’s usage. Many wondered if the app would be able to get back online.

The answer is yes, it appears Parler has found a new space of the internet to set up shop, however it isn’t exactly as it was when it was taken down.

New service, new look

Parler apparently took the opportunity of being taken down to update its appearance. Going from a stylistic “P” shaped logo to a more abstract image that could perhaps be likened to a bouquet of flowers . . . if you squint really hard.

Who’s hosting?

After Amazon dropped Parler like a hot potato there were a lot of questions as to where the site would find hosting. Many other companies made it clear they wouldn’t host Parler and its app because they condemned the actions of the individuals at the Capitol and it’s widely believed they used the app as a communication method.

However, Parler has apparently found a home with the Californian service provider SkySilk. (Although there was a brief period where it seemed they were going to partner with DDos-guard – a Russian cloud service provider – this has since been abandoned, however.)

SkySilk has said that they do “not advocate nor condone hate, rather, it advocates the right to private judgement and rejects the role of being the judge, jury, and executioner”. So it seems Parler has found a cloud service that will host them without too many questions asked and little oversight – exactly what they want.

New rules

Despite the Parler app touting “freedom of speech” and an anything goes attitude they have updated their community guidelines to add a little bit of oversight. The new guidelines state that the site “will not knowingly allow itself to be used as a tool for crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts”.

Despite this new moderation the Parler app still says they will do their best to remove as little content from the site as possible – instead encouraging users to “moderate” their own feeds by using features such as blocking others or muting threads so that they can curate content to fit their desires.

Dan Bongino (a Parler investor) has said that Parler could have made the site live a week after being taken down (and remained on Amazon’s service) if they had agreed to “all the ridiculous Apple edicts” that he says would have led to heavy moderation.

CEO debacle

Parler is also under new leadership as it returns from its cyberspace grave. Apparently John Matze has been “terminated by the board”. Dan Bongino made this announcement.

Both Matze and Bongino have said the firing occurred differently, but they both have stated that their visions didn’t align. Matze claims to have “advocated for more product stability and what I believe is a more effective approach to content moderation”. Parler hasn’t provided a public statement regarding this.

NBC reports that Matze had been advocating to prevent white supremacists, domestic terrorists, and QAnon conspiracy theorists from posting on the app – whether this is what led to his removal is unknown, though it has been implied.

Now that Parler is back online will you join the anti-deplatforming site or will you avoid it like it’s COVID-19? Let us know your thoughts about the app in the comments down below!

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