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The Motor Vespa is as sleek and stylish a mode of transportation as there is. Learn more about the Vespa brand and whether its right for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Motor Vespa

Vespa is back for the new year as one of the top motorbikes in the world, receiving stellar early reviews for its latest lineup of minimalist yet complex two-wheelers. A longstanding symbol of uniqueness, style, and performance, Indonesian motorcycle lovers are in for a treat as the Asia division of this classic Italian legacy are bringing the 2022 lineup across the pond.

Let’s take a closer look at everything Motor Vespa has headed to Indonesia.

Vespa S 125 I-Get

The S 125 I-Get is entering 2022 by staying in line with preserving the classic design of the original Piaggio motorbikes that gave Vespa it’s household name. The rectangular headlights, analog fuel gauge, and analog speedometers complement the chrome laced monocoque steel body as flawlessly as it ever has. The real upgrades for the new year lie under the hood by way of the suspension, braking, and handling. 

Autofun’s test drive of the new model bore striking updates. “For the front suspension, this motorbike uses a single arm with helical spring and single double-acting hydraulic shock absorber type front suspension and uses a shock absorber type suspension with adjustable preload with 4 settings for the rear suspension. These two suspensions will certainly make driving comfort using the Vespa s 125 more qualified and guaranteed.”

Autofun went on to report that the engine upgrades will also offer better mileage and smoother handling of resources now with its CVT automatic transmission. 

“The VespaThe S 125 has a 4-stroke LEm 3 valve engine with a capacity of 124.55 cc. The power that can be removed from the Vespa S 125 engine can reach 7.6 kW at 7,600 rpm.” they said. “While the peak torque reaches 10.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Even though the power and torque are not too big, it is more than enough to accommodate the daily driving needs through the crowded cities.”

Vespa LX 125 I-Get

The LX 125 became a household name not long after its inception and it has been upgraded just in time for 2022. As an automatic motorbike, the new Vespa’s design upgrades make for an even more enjoyable experience for both driver and passenger. Brighter headlights by volumes complement a new set of turn signals that flank an equally revamped headlamp and resized mirrors.

According to a recent test drive by Autofun, the Vespa LX 125 uses a single arm suspension type with helical spring and single double-acting hydraulic shock absorber on the front side. Additionally, it uses a single shock absorber adjustable to four positions at preloading on the rear side.

Autofun was equally happy to report that the Vespa LX 125 has adopted i-Get technology which makes the engine feel minimal vibration and has a fairly responsive and fuel efficient engine performance. In addition, the combustion system has adopted Electronic Injection technology. Put all together, this makes for a suspension system that makes riding over potholes a breeze to ride over and agile turns and swerves all the more manageable.

Powerful origins

According to Vespa themselves, their rise to prominence is both humble and resourceful in the face of tragedy. 

After World War II, in view of its agreement to cease war activities with the Allies, Italy had its aircraft industry severely constrained both in terms of capability and capacity. Piaggio emerged from conflict with the Pontedera bomber aircraft factory destroyed by bombing. Italy’s crippled economy, and the disastrous condition of its roads, were not immediately conducive to the re-development of the auto market. 

Enrico Piaggio, son of Piaggio’s founder, Rinaldo Piaggio, decided to leave the field of aviation to meet Italy’s pressing need for a modern and affordable mode of transportation for the masses. In 1944, Piaggio engineers Renzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini designed a motorcycle with bodywork covering the entire drivetrain and forming a high splash guard at the front. 

From there, twist after turn led to the creation of one of the most recognizable motorbike identities in the world. Their latest lineup for 2022 is all the more proof that the formula created all those years ago remains just as intact and impactful.


Which model would you like to see Vespa put on sale for the holidays? Let us know in the comments! 

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