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For those who are new to mobile casino apps, it's first worth explaining what these apps actually are. Here's what you need to know.

Mobile Casino Apps: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

The rise of mobile casino apps marks the end of struggling with slow, messy mobile sites that make online casino gameplay a rather clunky experience. Instead, these apps have been designed for seamless and streamlined play so you can confidently navigate the world of online casinos – and pocket your winnings without delay.

Playing on these apps might seem a little daunting for beginners. That’s why we’ve created this guide full of brilliant tips and tricks for using mobile casino apps. So, whether you check out these guys and start caching your winnings now, or want to read up on these apps first, read on to discover everything you need to know about the innovative world of mobile casino apps.

Mobile Casino Apps: Explained

For those who are new to mobile casino apps, it’s first worth explaining what these apps actually are. Especially since Forbes reported that these mobile casino apps contributed to the sky-high $54.93 billion in revenue set by gamblers in the US! Put simply, mobile casino apps are phone applications optimized for mobile devices. Not only do they enable players to “play on the go,” but they offer a more seamless gambling experience than just using a casino site on your phone browser.

One part of this improved gameplay experience is the many unique features in these apps. Push notifications, in-app support, live chat and even HD gameplay, make these applications a more immersive gambling experience for those who prefer online casinos to brick-and-mortar gambling houses.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Mobile Casino App

Finding a good mobile casino app can be tricky for beginners new to online gambling on this platform. It might take some time to test a few different applications to see which one works for you, in terms of available games, bonuses and security protection. That being said, there are a few different factors you can take into consideration with testing different apps:

Games Available

There might be discrepancies between games offered on the app and the browser version of your favorite online casino. Checking the mobile app comes with a good library of games will ensure that you can spend your time on the games that you actually enjoy.

Bonuses Offered

Mobile apps should mean guaranteed casino bonuses – but it’s always worth checking, too. New users should be eligible for welcome bonuses, while return customers should be able to enjoy match bonuses, reload bonuses and other great promos offered in-app.

App Reputation

Looking at the reviews and ratings will also help you narrow down your choice. You can find these by looking on the App Store and Play Store. Generally picking a casino with a good reputation outside mobile apps will also make it more likely you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality gameplay.

License and Security

Much like when playing on online casino sites, the protection of your funds and your data is paramount. A good mobile casino app should have at least a basic SSL- encryption, as well as be registered with a secure licensing authority, like the UKGC.

How To Navigate Mobile Casino Apps

Like most new apps, getting to know your way around is important. Understanding the following terms can help you begin to navigate these applications quickly, so you can spend your time maximizing gameplay instead.


The jackpot is the largest prize that can be won on mobile games. This prize is mostly won via slots.

Bank Roll

A bank roll allows for safe in-app gambling by setting aside a particular amount for staking.


In the lobby area, players can find the majority of the casino games on the app. These games are typically categorized into different sections.

Installing Mobile Casino Apps

After considering what you want from a mobile casino app and starting to learn the relevant lingo, the final step is installing one of these applications. In most cases, you can find these apps on the App Store and the Play Store.

  1. Go to the relevant application store for your mobile advice
  2. Use the search bar to search for your chosen app
  3. Thoroughly read the ratings – looking out for any bad reviews
  4. Download the app and log in

Many websites might ask you to download the .apk Android app version from their website. This isn’t recommended and we suggest finding the app via the App Store or Play Store instead.

Happy playing!

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