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Electric bikes have taken over the world of fitness smoothly, mainly because they offered smart and sophisticated solutions that upgraded the lifestyle and made being healthy the attractive way of life. Many people have taken the e-bikes outside of their gym, taking them on adventures, using them for treks, camping and cruising on natural trails where cars and regular bikes become a hindrance. Being the multi-purpose and innovative e vehicle that they are, e-bikes have made their way in to regular commute and daily routines also. 

Its paddle assisted battery technology has made it easy for people from all walks of life to take it up as their vehicle of choice. Be it youngsters, fitness buffs, bike lovers or seniors, the wide variety that is now available can suit anyone, depending on the speed and comfort you desire. From attractive colors to fantastic features, e-bikes have rapidly become the ‘in’ thing to own. 

While there are various brands in the market today, it is important to look for class, sustainability, security, comfort and style. Maxfoot has brought fantastic innovations in the technology of e-bikes and e-trikes, and by offering consistent value it is now a popular choice with a loyal customer base. 



There are several variations in the make, design, models and battery powers of Maxfoot e-bikes and e-trikes. Be it Mf-19 e-bike for adventurers and cruisers, Mf-30 for seniors benefit and comfort, Mf-18 and  Mf-17 electric cruiser bikes that ride smoothly over difficult tracks, or any other color and battery variation in their apparel, you can be sure to find something for your specific needs. They offer foldable e-bikes with battery power ranging from 500w to 1000w, lithium coated Samsung AV batteries that are alloy coated and kept safe from weather effects. 

Their coated and concealed wiring enables the riders to cruise on any tracks without fear of damage and the fat tires provide high traction that reduces jumps and absorbs shocks on uneven paths, making it the ideal partner for trekking and camping trails. Mf-30 is equipped to handle your travel gear, and Mf-19 is able to carry 350.lbs of weight along with its rider. The adjustable handlebars, seat posts and full suspension, high torque Dual disc brakes provide the ultimate combination of technological innovation and sleek design without compromising on the safety, security and comfort for its user. 

E-bikes are ideally suited for maintaining a regular exercise routine, as they provide complete workout, cardio and muscle building. For riders who love to cruise on their e-bikes, it accomplishes the dual purpose of exercise and commute in a fun and healthy way.


While choosing your e-bike, it is essential that you select the one with the battery power that will suit your purpose. If you are looking for an e-bike for exercise, you can manage well with a low powered battery. But for the campers and mountain trekking, adventure loving riders, having a solid and dependable battery is as imperative as the rest of the gear. 

With Maxfoot e-bikes you get the added benefit of a one year warranty on battery. They have also made it extremely easy for the rider to keep their vehicle ready for the ride because their batteries are removable; you can charge your battery while you make camp and rest. A 1000w lithium battery will give you 30-50 miles on a five hour charge without any hassle. 

Battery technology has massively improved and the expected ranges have been increased consistently which has made electric bikes the popular option for touring. Its reduced effort and increased support makes the trip more enjoyable and enables weak riders to undertake adventurous trips too. 

On a 750w AH battery, the e-bike can accomplish up to 110mile range while a 1000w AH lithium coated battery will give you up to 140miles. In many cases, ranges also depend on the kind of excursion you have planned. If you are going uphill, the range might be slightly less and the battery may discharge quicker. On a flat path, you can get good mileage and exert less effort, thus consuming less energy and battery power. 

Mf-17 is known as the electric cruiser bike, as it delivers admirable functionality and is launched specially for cycling enthusiasts. It is a cost effective and stylish model with a 750 W Rear Hub Motor, 48V-13 Ah lithium battery and offers the 300lb payload capacity. Its step through frame design, suspension front fork and big curved handlebars are a bikers’ dream while the thick padded saddle provides maximum comfort for long rides. 

Its 750w hub motor is designed and manufactured by Maxfoot itself, and is widely known for its improved performance and exceptional quality. The output power of 1050W has ensured high performance and minimum security risks. 

Maxfoot e-bikes are solid, powerful, agile and fun. Their dependable quality combined with sleek and stylish designs have earned them a well-deserved widespread popularity as the go-to brand for e-bikes. By creating such fantastic designs and fusing the innovation of technology with style and comfort, Maxfoot has encouraged more and more people to become environment friendly while promoting a healthier lifestyle. Basking in the mountain air, soaking up the goodness and freshness of  outdoors and sunlight, enjoying nature  and its  benefits is now easy, manageable and fun with the long range Maxfoot e-bikes and  e-trikes.  

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