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These days technology makes it almost impossible to keep track of your kids at any moment. Keep your kids safe with these apps to monitor their phones.

Best apps to monitor kids phones text messages

Many people have maintained kids’ relationships with digital gadgets in recent times. It is difficult to protect kids from online troubles because children face many online threats that need to be overcome regarding kids’ online safety from the dangers zone social media. Parents should regulate their kids and come to know digital devices to ensure their activities. So, use parental control apps to monitor kids’ protection and safety secretly. Now we will discuss the best software that is useful for remote monitoring.

This article compiled the best spy app for Android to monitor a child’s text messages. It makes sure you toward your kids and their usage of cell phones in the present time of technology.

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Top Best Android Monitoring Apps For Child’s Phones

Here are a few apps that make sure you know about your child’s online performances.

  1. TheOneSpy app
  2. OgyMogy tracker app
  3. Securekin parental control app
  4. mSpy monitoring app
  5. Hoverwatch app
  6. Mobistealth

TheOneSpy app

TheOneSpy is a widespread mobile monitoring app. It is capable of Android and iOs phones. It enables you to track the devices and find the digital actions of your child. This app is working on stealth mode and finds almost all activities. The user quickly gets access to their targeted phones and fined virtually activities. TheOneSpy helps you find the live device performances and come their kid’s cell phone actions. You can select the device and track cell phones for secret monitoring. Users can find all incoming outgoing messages, calls, live location tracker, spy browsing detail, monitor live android actions.

Features for android monitoring

  • Text monitoring
  • Read all incoming, outgoing messages
  • Monitor android social media conversation
  • Find browsing detail
  • Track location
  • Spy call conversation

OgyMogy Monitoring  App

OgyMogy is considered best to track the targeted cell phones and spy on their activities. It is packed with mobile monitoring features for all concerned users. OgyMogy spy text message app easily install into your targeted devices and secretly finds activities of targeted phones from the web control panel of OgyMogy app. It always helps you to know the device’s live performances. You can choose the best spy app and spy on your loved ones without knowing them.

Features of OgyMogy app

  • Spy text messages
  • Read social media chats
  • Track devises activities
  • Listen to call
  • Track device location

Securekin App

Securekin is an excellent app for kid’s protection in the digital era of technology. You can use this app and track kids to know their communications. Securekin is always supported you to discover a child’s text messages, web filtering, track device location, and many more activities. You can choose Securekin and find everything on your child’s phone. Securekin serves with Android and iPhones for tracking and secret monitoring in terms of compatibility.


  • SMS monitoring
  • Web filtering
  • Activity report
  • Key logger
  • Real-time location

mSpy Tracking App

Mspy is a well-known parental control app that helps you find your child’s activities. It is an excellent app and efficiently works. With the use of Mspy, you can track cell phones and know their activities, including messages, call logs, spy all conversations, and record with a screen recorder app. in short, this is a good kid’s protection app.

Hoverwatch App

Hoverwatch is a monitoring and tracking app. it is compatible with android and iOs phones. It is the most effective and reliable app for secret spying. It is affordable packed with a user-friendly feature list. It can monitor targeted devices and come to know their activities. This app lets you spy messages and read chats without touching the devices.


Mobistealth is the best monitoring app for your child’s safety. It is packed with the best spying features of targeted devices. You can find the devices and come to know their all actions. User enables to spy on targeted phones without knowing them. It helps you to save child’s online activities. It is one of your good choices in terms of spying apps.


Now you can choose one of the best text monitoring apps mentioned above. This article helps you in finding the device activities and knows their conversations. You can protect your child from cyber bullying, online predators’ sexting, and inappropriate content.

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