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There are plenty of sites that can help you grow an Instagram following. Don't get lost in the crowd, find the best sites for your needs right here.

Six best sites to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views

This is a post about buying Instagram followers, likes, and views. Usually, posts like these focus on just one of three. But here, we want to show you how to buy all three under one roof.

From experience, we’ve realized people struggle to buy each of these promo packages separately. For instance, someone might find a good site to buy Instagram followers but not find a credible one to buy Instagram likes or views.

This is not a good experience at all. That’s why we want to help out.

In the form of the six sites below, you have reliable providers with the capacity to supply the very best versions of Instagram followers, likes, and views money can buy.

Without saying much, here are the six best sites to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views right now.


For those who have ever attempted to buy followers Instagram before, I can bet you must have come across the name Stormlikes a million times.

The brand seems to be the name on everybody’s lips. If you don’t believe me, Google the phrase ‘best sites to buy Instagram followers’ right now, and check the names on the lists. For every blog post you review, you’ll definitely find Stormlikes in the top 5 or, at the very least, top 10. It can never go past that.

That should tell you something – that, indeed, everybody in the industry respects Stormlikes. Such degree of respect and validation can only come from years of excellent service, wouldn’t you agree?

Indeed, if you’re looking for the best place to buy Instagram followers, likes and views, look no beyond Stormlikes. They sell the best Instagram Instagram promo packages in the industry. What’s more? They even have provision for custom-targeted deliveries. So, let’s say you need to buy Instagram likes or followers from a particular country or interest group; stormlikes can get that for you.

Finally, in case you’re wondering if their followers and likes are legit, we want to assure you that they are. Stormlikes uses a unique technology to ensure their likes, followers, views, and auto likes are strictly authentic. Place an order today to see for yourself.

Buy Instagram Likes and followers from Stormlikes is another exciting platform to buy Instagram followers. As stated on the front page of their site, aims to assist everyone in growing their online presence through a combination of followers, likes, and views.

Whereas most sites only offer one or two of three, believes in order to make your account stand out; you need a healthy combination of automated likes, story views, and followers.

This is why they strive to ensure you always get that when you place an order.

A typical order to buy followers Instagram on this platform comes with two options – to buy high-quality Instagram followers or premium-quality followers. The same thing holds for when you want to buy Instagram likes or views on the platform.

You must be wondering then, what’s the difference between a premium and a high-quality IG promo package.

Well, it’s fairly simple. Both high-quality followers and premium followers are guaranteed real Instagram users. However, whereas a high-quality follower has a complete profile, including a unique picture and their own followers, a premium follower has all of that plus guaranteed engagements. In other words, premium followers or viewers are more likely to leave a comment on your post than regular followers. This is why they cost a little extra on the site.

Buy Instagram Likes and followers from

One of the reasons people doubt the authenticity of sites selling Instagram followers is because there are no real human faces behind the transactions. In most cases, you enter a site to buy Instagram followers, and the next thing you see is a chatbot talking to you. is a new brand that wants to change this.

When you visit the site to buy followers Instagram, you get assigned a special account manager who oversees your transaction. This person ensures that you get strictly authentic Instagram followers, likes, and views. Then when some of your purchased followers decide to leave Instagram in the future, this account manager will see to it that you get a refill of the lost followers.

Meanwhile, in an instance where you’re not satisfied with the engagement pattern of your purchased followers, the account manager can help replace the followers or viewers with new ones.

By and large, when you buy Instagram followers from, you have someone you can run to for guidance and assistance.

Only a company selling real, authentic Instagram likes and followers can be confident enough to operate like this, wouldn’t you agree?

Some companies pride themselves on the number of positive reviews and feedback they get from customers.

Social-Viral is one such company.

With a 4.9/5 rating secured from over 2,000 reviews, Social-Viral never passes the chance to brag about the strength of its accomplishments.

They talk about it everywhere – on their website, publications, and even social media.

You have to assume the brand must be doing something right with such ratings. And we must admit they truly are.

Like the first three mentioned, you can also buy Instagram likes or buy followers Instagram here on What’s more? Social-viral is amongst the oldest providers of Instagram promo packages in the industry. That tells you they’re truly reputable. prides itself on the affordability of its packages. Of the six sites on this list, has some of the cheapest pricing plans.

For instance, it’s possible to buy Instagram followers up to 1k for as low as $1 on Yes, you read that well.

While a lower pricing is sometimes an indication of a lower quality, is able to keep quality unchecked throughout its packages. When you order to buy Instagram followers, expect to get real users with profile pictures, engaging users with a high retention rate, and a safe/secure purchase processing that doesn’t compromise your account. may not be the cheapest provider of IG followers in the industry, but they’re definitely up there with the very best in terms of quality.

There’s no possibility of bot or fake followers with It’s strictly authentic followers, likes, and views all round. Buy followers Instagram here to enjoy access to genuine followers and viewers.

Frequently Asked Question about buying Instagram followers, likes, and views

  • Which one is the safest to buy: Instagram followers, likes, or views?

All are safe to buy. Whether you buy Instagram followers or likes, you won’t be risking your account. The only time your account may be at risk is when you buy Instagram likes from an unscrupulous provider – i.e., vendors who sell fake and bot packages.

So, technically speaking, it’s not a question of which package is safe to buy, but rather which site you’re buying from. As long as you’re buying from a credible outlet, it will always be safe to buy Instagram followers, likes, or views.

  • Which one should I buy: Instagram followers, likes, and views?

Buy all. Yes, you read that well. Buy everything.

People might tell you to skip likes because Instagram no longer displays likes. But we want to tell you that IG likes are even more important today than they were ten years ago. Today, likes are amongst the biggest ranking metrics the Instagram algorithm uses to curate the explore page. In other words, the more likes a post gets, the greater its chances of featuring on the explore page. Also, having more likes on a post ensures that that post ranks high on users’ feeds. That way, followers get to see your posts quicker.

Finally, views and followers are important for obvious reasons. More views mean more people are encouraged to watch your videos. More followers encourage more users to follow you.

  • Will people know I bought Instagram followers?

There’s nothing more embarrassing than your audience base realizing you’ve bought followers. If people discover you’ve purchased followers, it might ruin your reputation.

So your question about whether or not people will know when you’ve bought followers is a valid one.

However, you shouldn’t really worry too much about that. If you buy Instagram followers the ‘RIGHT WAY,’ no one will know about it.

By the right way, we mean:

  • Buying only from credible vendors (like the ones listed above)
  • Buying strictly authentic followers (followers with profile pictures and real names)
  •  Buying strictly engaging followers (followers who comment and interact with your posts)
  • Buying a combination of the three (followers, likes, and views) instead of one isolated purchase.
  • Do people still buy Instagram followers, likes, and views?

You bet they do. In fact, some of your favorite celebrities still do. You don’t notice because they buy these things the right way.

For instance, instead of buying 500k followers to jump from 2million followers to 2.5million followers in one night, they would buy in a bit-by-bit version of 10k followers per week.

The point we’re trying to make here is that if you’re buying Instagram followers, ensure you buy it strategically rather than hurriedly. That way, no one will notice you did, and your account will even benefit positively from the action.

Parting Words

Do not let anyone discourage you from buying Instagram followers, likes, and views. You need to do that to boost your profile and improve your chances of success.

Just make sure you do it the right way.

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