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Indonesia has been the very first industry to integrate such animated options to the current movies. Here's what we know.

The Film Industry in its Best: How Indonesia Managed to Integrate the New Technology

We are in the era of the second technological revolution, with smartphones, tablets, and 5G data networks to be valid across the globe. The most important thing in today’s filming industry is to have the chance to mix the traditional image with cartoons or other animated designs and figures so that you can have a different reality than the one we all face in movies.

Indonesia has been the very first industry to integrate such animated options to the current movies. Traditional actors and actresses have removed their prejudice and accepted the coexistence with animated scripts and images that make a great interaction with the one to the other.

Have you ever thought about how modern films would be if there were not such an animation feature in the newest movies? Do you think that the peaceful and fruitful cooperation of active actors with programmers can make things better for the final product presented to the audience? Which are the best benefits that actors and producers enjoy from the addition of animated features to the films? 

More or less, these are the most frequent questions you could possibly find online when searching for animation and filming. Let’s now check for the unbiased opinion of the author about the latest films that have changed the way we look at movies.

Indonesian filming technology thrives

Although Indonesia has been a rural country, lately we have seen great investment in computing and filming technology. It is not irrelevant to say that many filming companies already have purchased equipment from Value Q the most reputable Indonesian online company for computer hardware and software, to start their movies in the Indonesian scenery background.

The Avatar Revolution

Avatar has been the very first movie that has completely been recorded in the studio using a piece of very competitive computer equipment. Value q has been the website where you can find such a piece of computer equipment, and Lenovo is one of the most reputable firms to give you such filming abilities.

Value Q has been also adopting some practices from Steven Spielberg’s Avatar that you can also apply to your daily movie processing at home. Even though you are a novice in the filming industry, Value Q still has the equipment to offer you directions about how to integrate animation to your already recorded videos. 

The computing acceleration and speed needed for this endeavor remains competitive and challenging. That is why Value Q has opted for the new Lenovo computers (both desktop towers and laptops) which include all the latest multiple core technology to give you acute and reliable animation power for your recorded videos.

People who have tried to imitate the Avatar technology both in sound and image would succeed only if they had the right type of training and equipment.

Resolution of previous problems with films

The new filming industry had to resolve great quality issues in the sectors of image and sound process. All directors and producers have integrated new models of image processing using software and hardware that makes enables them to enhance the content with animation that has been created by graphics designers.

The sound issue remained a huge drawback in all the new Indonesia movies that included the animations. Sound processors needed to sound as if they were real since men were not able to duplicate their voices. Modern films need the characters to have a human voice without it actually being human. So the more they are trying the best it is going to be for them to imitate the human voice that applies to a certain animated character. 

Programs that can alter the voice of humans is not acceptable by today’s filming standards. More producers in Indonesia try to have a fully animated type of filming that makes the spectators stick to their screens and follow the action. Movies are a lot more fascinating and can give more feelings and sentiment than the ones having only real actors.


For the time being Indonesia, the industry has applied the mixing model in movies that have animation and real actors. However, most of the newest movies for kids are animated using the Value Q hardware and software options.

The next level in filming would be to have real actors animated with their written permission. The other option would be for the Indonesian industry to create some fascinating actors that are going to star in movies of social and other regular content. 

For all of us, this would be a magnificent time, when technology is going to offer its benefits in filming. Things will never be the same again and Value Q technology is going to contribute its best to it.

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