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Want to score yourself a free Hulu account? Find out how you can get access to your favorite shows and movies for free.

Looking for a free Hulu subscription? Here’s how to score one

Are you tired of paying for multiple streaming platforms? So are we! It’s time to learn the easy way to stream your favorite TV shows & movies for completely free. 

It’s true, Hulu & other popular legal streaming platforms like Amazon Prime & Netflix are not entirely for free, but with these quick tricks you can binge shows on Hulu like Attack the Block and the new season of Catfish in no time. Let’s get started!

What is Hulu? 

Before you enjoy the wonders that Hulu has to offer, you should note that Hulu is strictly an American streaming platform that provides endless amounts of entertainment new & old. 

According to Android Authority, Hulu has over 35 million subscribers in the U.S.A., but their secret weapon is providing shows that offer “next-day access” of episodes for TV shows that are broadcasted before U.S. networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox. Are you hooked yet?

Have you ever watched the NHL while recording a series? Well, depending which Hulu package you use, you will have approximately sixty channels with an incredible cloud DVR feature so you can record while binging your other comedy shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. 

But if you want to stick to the paid route, go for it! And if you subscribe to Hulu now you can get the Disney Plus bundle which provides access to Disney Plus’s platform & ESPN plus to watch your favorite sport live at $12.99 per month. 

However, if you’re still looking for a free option, look no further! Here’s how you can watch Hulu for absolutely nothing! 

Free trial

Though Netflix has gotten rid of their free trial, this is a reminder that Hulu definitely still has one! If you’ve never owned a Hulu account and you’re ready to give Hulu a spin, all you need to do is sign up for a Hulu free trial deal. This means that there’s no paid subscription attached so you can cry your eyes out while watching the next episode of This Is Us or laugh at the Worst Cooks in America. 

The free trial is definitely a great deal, but be weary about the end of those thirty days. If your trial ends and you haven’t cancelled your subscription, you will have to wait a while to try again. If this happens, you’ll have to ask a family member for their details instead. Enjoy! 

Friends or foes! 

Let’s not make an enemy out of our friends by secretly stealing their password. Not cool Karen! Instead, try asking a friend to share an account with them. We’d share our snacks with our friends so why not share an account with your sibling, friend or loved one? 

Luckily, Hulu allows you to share your account depending on the subscription. For example, if you have the standard account, you can watch from two devices at the same time. So make a deal and share your next Hulu journey with someone you can trust. 

Student life

Student life is definitely better with a Spotify Premium plan. With the help of Spotify (for only $4.99 per month) you can subscribe to Hulu (with ads subscription) and Showtime premium cable TV network which can be added to the Spotify Premium plan. Luckily both the Showtime premium cable TV network & Hulu will be completely free!

It gets better, the platform starts with the first three months only 99 cents per month! You can enjoy hit songs from The Weeknd, enjoy live cable TV, and watch your favorite thriller on Hulu as long as you can prove that you’re a student. If you didn’t think your student life could be awesome in lockdown, think again!

Did you enjoy these tricks to watch Hulu for free? Let us know below which option you’ll definitely try.

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