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How to Connect Your Computer to the TV to Watch Shows and Movies?

These days, users have access to a plethora of excellent video streaming websites, applications, and services. Although you can download movies from the free movie download sites, there is always something fresh and entertaining to view. For which you can use Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, or other streaming services online. Unfortunately, for connecting PC to TV to watch movies, TV episodes, and other media can be a frustrating experience.


If your television does not have the capability of streaming these services on its own, you may be seeking for a means to link your computer to your television screen so that you can view your desired films on a larger screen. Thankfully, there are many approaches that you may take to address this issue, and we are going to discuss all of them with you now.


In the event that you run into any difficulties, we will also provide you with some useful advice on the process of connecting your computer to your television. Let’s talk about some of the many approaches that you might use to accomplish this.

Ways to Connect Computer to your TV to Watch Shows & Movies:

There are various methods that you can use to connect your TV for watching shows and movies:



1. Establish a connection without wires by using Bluetooth


Through a Bluetooth connection, you also have the option of streaming video from your computer to your television. There are several TVs on the market that come equipped with Bluetooth already, and almost all PCs have a Bluetooth feature. Using this approach, you will be able to link your computer screen to your television screen wirelessly.


The intricacies of utilizing Bluetooth to link your computer and TV will differ based on the devices that you own on each end of the connection. There will be variations in the default settings among various computers and televisions. However, in order to complete this approach properly, below are some basic instructions:


To use Bluetooth to link your computer and TV, check to see that both the computer and the TV have the feature enabled and operational. Make sure that your computer has a Bluetooth device that is “discoverable” so that your television can pick up the signal that is coming from your computer. You may connect your computer to your TV by using the Bluetooth settings on your TV.

2. Make use of a gaming console or an Internet-capable set-top box.

Streaming television episodes and movies from the Internet to your television via the use of another device, such as a gaming console or an Internet TV box, is the method that we would propose as a last resort. You may use one of these devices to make your regular TV behave more like a smart TV even if it lacks the potential to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. If you do it this way, you won’t have to worry about physically connecting your computer to your television at all.


You may watch videos streamed from the internet on your television by first plugging the cables that came with your game console or Internet TV box into your device, and then plugging the other end of the wires into the rear of your television set. It is possible that the device you have uses HDMI cords rather to the more traditional A/V connections. However, this will depend on the item that you have.

3. Establish a connection by using an HDMI cable

This is one of the most straightforward approaches of establishing a connection between your computer and your television. High Definition Multimedia Interface is what “HDMI” stands for in the acronym. It just takes one cable to stream video and audio of a good quality from your computer to your TV, which you can do using the same connection. The best part is that HDMI cables are identical on both ends; thus, it does not make a difference which end is inserted into the HDMI input of whatever device.


Simply insert one end of an HDMI cable into the corresponding port on your computer, and the other end into the corresponding connector on your television, and you will have successfully connected your computer to your television. The HDMI port is often located on the side of the computer and either the side or the back of the television.


Closing Lines:


Hopefully, now you know how to connect your computer to the TV to watch shows and movies. For any queries and feedbacks feel free to leave the comments below. Also, do subscribe to our blog for more informative tech guides and updates.

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