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Add the Quntis Monitor or Laptop Light to your home office setup

Eye strain is more common than you may believe. As many people find themselves working closer to computers no matter what position, the light from our screens is hurting our eyes more than we know. If you’re trying to improve your home office setup, you need to find a way to fix this.

Enter the Quntis LED Computer Light. With versions for both laptops & computer monitors, the Quntis LED Computer Light offers the best deal for anyone working from home because of the pandemic. Considering everything else going on, isn’t the last thing you want to deal with is headaches, a sore neck, or blurry vision? 

Available on Amazon, the Quntis LED Computer Light is exactly what you need to take your home office setup to the next level. The installation for the light is stupidly easy, and plugs directly into your computer to make it as simple as possible. 

If you want to renovate your home office setup, buy a Quntis Computer Light to not only improve your office, but help your eyes too.

Keep your desktop space well lit

If you work using a traditional desktop setup, the Quntis LED Computer Monitor Light will fit right in with your work space. Right now, you can even get 15% off of the monitor light on Amazon if you use the code 6M8KDO8R. Made completely out of an aluminum alloy material, the light is easy to attach to any monitor. 

Save money on your electric bill by using the Quntis LED Computer Monitor Light as your home office setup lamp during the evening. That way, you won’t disturb anyone else in your home when working longer hours at the digital office. With ten levels of brightness & three color settings, you can customize the light to fit your needs. 

Designed to be durable with long-lasting performance, the material of the Quntis LED Computer Monitor Light allows for your light to stay secured to your monitor no matter how hot your computer gets. It’s easy to adjust as well, rotating up to 165 degrees. The monitor light is designed to last for 40,000 hours.

Use your laptop light on the go

For those who make anywhere their home office, add the Quntis LED Laptop Light to your setup. The laptop version is also available on Amazon for 15% off right using code ST2YEYSU. Rather than sticking onto your laptop screen, the laptop version is clip-0n to make it easy to put on & take off. 

Just like its bigger cousin, the Quntis LED Laptop Light offers ten brightness settings & three different color settings. Considering how often we tend to use our computer in bed, it’s even more useful if you need some more light on your keyboard or monitor. The monitor light is more effective for those with a home office setup, but nearly anyone can use the laptop light.

Similar to the monitor light, the Quntis LED Laptop Light rotates up to 165 degrees, and is designed to stay sturdy no matter how hot the laptop gets. It also is set to last for at least 40,000 hours of light.  

Protect your eyes with extra light

Flickering light from your computer screen can quickly tire out your eyes. Even if you point a lamp at your computer screen & keyboard, you can cause reflective glare which will hurt your eyes as much as the flickering light. But the Quntis LED Computer Light allows for a consistent light source on your computer that’s flicker-free. 

Offering a cool, warm, and natural white light, you can change the color of your Quntis LED Computer Light depending on how soft or bold you want your color to be. You also can adjust between 10% to 100% brightness. Your switch on the computer light even has a memory board installed, resulting in your previous settings saving for the next time you use it.

If you’re ready to improve your home office setup for the sake of your eyes, get the Quntis Monitor or Laptop Light on Amazon today. Remember you can get the Quntis Monitor Light for 15% off with code 6M8KDO8R, or the Quntis Laptop Light for 15% off with code ST2YEYSU.

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