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5.0 Services You Can Hire A Hacker For (And Costs)

Yep, you read it right. And HackRaptor ( is one of the best, professional, and most reliable hackers for hire service providers.

For a while, we’re setting legal and ethical boundaries aside as we drive home the point that anyone can actually hire hackers to do illegal stuff! All the more reason the general populace should exercise vigilance and good cybersecurity hygiene.

Nonetheless, there are still those “white-hat” hackers who can provide ethical hacking services for you: exposing system vulnerabilities and conducting penetration tests.

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What hack-jobs can you actually hire a hacker for? And how much would it (generally)cost? We will settle these two questions right away!

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1. Catch Cheating Spouse

In non-sugar coated terms, stalking. If you’re among 9/10 people (we made that up, lol) who constantly think that their partner is cheating, hackers have a special summer sale deal for you! ☀️????

Hiring a hacker to access a mobile device remotely could cost between $500 and $5,000 depending on the complexity of the device’s security feature. It’s Apple vs. Android all over again!

You can also add to your cart a social media infiltration package. For example, to get unauthorized access to an Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account, SWorks places the average hacker fee at $850

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2. Website or Database Hack

We’re talking about infiltrating the network of a company or organization. This ploy is known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack. Revolt against the corporate up-guys Divergent-style by hiring professional hackers to overwhelm a server, block legitimate users, and promote lag time for a few hours or even a whole day! ????

You can also go through the guppies by having a hacker launch a phishing attack against employees. This is one of the best ways to go about it as 90% of cyber data breaches are attributed to employee error.

The price to hack a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account is about $900, but the fee for corporate email hacking is at $1,300 per mailbox.

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3. Money Heist and Bank Hack ????

You can definitely steal from a bank without risking a shootout like in the movies. In the digital era, most bank robbery is carried out in online bank heists, featuring hackers draining digital fiat with just a few lines of code.

According to S.W., you’ll most likely profit-share with the hacker at around 1% to 5% of the total money drained. However, when it comes to personal banking accounts, you can pay hackers around $40 to steal $1,000. Surprisingly, accounts with smaller balances actually result in higher hacking fees.

But going back to the online bank heist, why would hackers even agree to a small profit-sharing when they themselves can do the hack-heist alone? ????

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4. Earn Loyalty Points

Getting loyalty program credits from someone’s account would cost you money depending on the number of points in the account. For hotel rewards points, the average hacking fee is at $75 for 50,000 points, up to $200 for 1,000,000 points!

Complete your weekend staycation by paying a hacker to hack frequent flyer miles on US airlines starting at $60 for 200,000 miles. Doing the math, your $450 would be enough to buy you a trip around the world! ✈️????

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5. Protect Your Company From a Cyber Attack

Finally, the only purpose which you should hire a hacker is to do some ethical hacking. As we’ve initially mentioned, collaborating with white hat hackers is the perfect way to expose system vulnerabilities and conduct penetration testing to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity.

On a serious note, Do not venture on all the malicious hack jobs we’ve enumerated but remember that cybercriminals can actually hire professional hackers in perpetuating their scams.

Stay vigilant, stay cybersafe! Hire the best, reliable, and most professional hacker-for-hire hacking service today. Hire HackRaptor; HackRaptor is tested and trusted. Email:

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