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Can you get 5000 new Twitter followers by using these easy tips? Find out whether this approach is a myth or reality.

Myth or Reality: Get 5000 Twitter followers for free

For many users, Twitter is a mysterious social network because the profit of having it isn’t that obvious, like the one from Instagram. As IG is considered a marketplace, Twitter is regarded more like a modification of newspapers, combined with the possibility to discuss the news. 

In fact, having an opportunity for a direct and swift exchange of opinions, Twitter is a priceless source for gaining popularity with the work of your mind and communicative skills, unlike visually-targeted platforms Insta or Facebook. Here are some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers.

We don’t think that you should shy away from using sites like Owlead for your Twitter growth and engagement. However, sites like Owlead are not recommended to use nowadays. There are so many alternatives up your sleeve that can be used as replacements.



Twitter was developed and initiated in 2006 by four developers: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. The main inspiration for creating such forms of microblogging and social networking was the old-school SMS. The name of the platform comes from the association with bird tweeting, and initially, the posts started bearing the same name – tweets, and the process of using the platform – tweeting.

At first, Twitter was supposed to be an inner message system for employees of Odeo – the firm, where the four developers were involved. Later in 2006, Dorsey, Glass, and Williams united into Obvious Corporation and obtained both and, thus beginning the triumphal movement towards success.


Although Twitter is not as visual, as several other platforms, it is impossible to deny that it has its own charm. And it is highly useful in terms of spreading information. The process of sharing tweets is so fast that sometimes it can be difficult to trace the original source. This aspect of Twitter lately has caused some severe problems within society – during the first phase of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter was having problems with the fast spread of misinformation, which led to panicking and further confusion among the public.

In general, Twitter outbursts in spite of different significant events. Those can be:

  • Sport events: local championships, world tournaments like Olympics, seasonal leagues, etc.;
  • Social movements of different kind;
  • Political issues: protests, revolutions, demonstrations.

The categories above are only a few examples of why people are utilizing the app. Due to the amount of tweets correlated to a hot topic, people can construct a picture of what’s happening and remain tuned with the like-minded folks.


Twitter is showing itself as a good tool for brands when they need to bond with potential customers. This network gives a very personal vibe and makes the process of communication between a business and users easy and swift. Many corporations are using this possibility to give their product a human face, which also helps to improve their performance:

  • Understanding the preferences of the average buyer (social listening)
  • More accurate marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring the competitors
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Expanding the target audience
  • Testing new features and ideas.


Well, it is obvious that now you can understand the rage of Twitter as a social web. And probably you are wondering how to attain more readers for your profile and wield the informational power of it.


To be honest, this strategy is 100% usable for all of the social networks you might be interested in. Talking about Twitter, cross-promotion on other platforms is a decent way to expand your target group.


Twitter requires your active presence online. If you want to get more followers on this platform, the number of tweets you post daily has to be not less than 10.

And avoid burst posting. It will be better to develop a schedule of uploading tweets organically, so your activity will not be considered spammy.


Spreading true information is a must. Content spreads very fast on Twitter, making it hard to control. So one of your tasks as an influencer is to provide relevant and trustworthy information.


It is impossible to stay away from what’s hot on Twitter. You will inevitably see what is going on in your feed. Following and exploiting fresh trends ahead of others is a useful method to attract the attention of new readers and boost the amount of your followers up to 5k.


Although Twitter is based on exchanging text messages, images are an important instrument for your growth as well. Remember that this is not Instagram, and photos of your daily menu aren’t a topic for conversation, unless there are outstanding obstacles.

Images and videos on Twitter are manipulated as an assistance to visualize what is inscribed in the tweet. So your choice are:

  • Memes and gifs
  • Infographics
  • Photo/video proofs of your words


Beside your organic efforts, you can boost your growth with the assistance of special Ads provided by Twitter. The purpose of the follower campaign is that it is running within the target audience of your choice.


Keeping up the level of interest in your profile is one of the basics if you want to get at least 5000 followers on Twitter. Due to the specifics of the feed on this network, more replies and retweets equals better visibility and awareness. So here are some tips for successful engagement with your audience:

  • Initiate the talk with questions and suggestions
  • Reply to other users tweets
  • Create special hashtags for your community
  • Piggyback popular hashtags like #TBT
  • Hold contests or lotteries to motivate your audience


Pinning a tweet is a sort of promotion, something that gives a hint about your content to a user. Pinned tweet is put on the tip of your profile, and it serves as a manifestation of your profile because it is the introductory thing that any user will see when they open your profile.


This practice allows to maintain the interest to your profile and attract new readers to existing posts, and motivate them to explore your content. Ongoing conversations will appear in the feeds of other users more often, and you don’t have to do much – just throw in a starter for a new spiral of discussion by retweeting.

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