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Today, personal branding is everything. Learn from Max Zaharenkov how to grow your account and generate lots of followers!

5 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Account to generate 1 Million Followers

The 21st century is the age of personal branding. Max Zaharenkov shares his tips on personal brand development.

Today we must admit the fact that the kind of a person you are might be defined with the help of your Instagram. Actually, the 21st century is really the age of personal branding. You might not notice this but profile in social media is one of the first things you pay attention to when building your personal first impression of another person. And one of the features people are always interested in when looking through other’s profiles is the number of followers.  

Instagram is so powerful due to one simple feature – it provides visual content. Of course, each post might contain very valuable writing but it will be placed under the picture. So if you cannot post a really high quality photo that will grab one’s attention, your chances to make people interested in the content are pretty poor.  

In addition to that, Instagram is constantly integrated with Facebook’s ecosystem. This smooth integration with the most powerful social tool is pretty helpful since there’s no better mobile application to build an audience. This is especially relevant for those users who try to build a career as social media influencers.

But still, building one’s audience on Instagram is a curious thing. What’s more curious is how to build a huge audience that will increase up to one million followers. Somebody may spend a few years doing this but there is a simpler way. 

Max Zaharenkov a social media expert, founder of the AirNinjas Media social media agency, successful entrepreneur, and TikToker attracted more than 500,000 people on his own. He shared some of his tips making his Instagram development strategy so efficient. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create relevant content.

One of the most common mistakes people do on Instagram is creating content that isn’t relevant for the audience they want to attract. This way this content becomes invaluable. Such people need simply to remember that they must engage in interaction in social media. This is impossible without asking and answering questions people are really interested in.

Max says that the beginning of your Instagram career is the most important period. You should research what people are interested in and try to answer as many of their questions as it’s possible. You must make them think that your profile is a valuable source of information. This way they will be interested in your content because they will be able to learn something new and enrich their knowledge. 

  1. Teach and inspire.

One of the reasons people go on Instagram is looking for a value, a helping hand, or a source of inspiration. You have to get them excited about what you’re saying and want to learn more!

Max thinks that it’s very important for users to feel that somebody is ready to guide them through complicated issues. They consider this is a good and simple way to reach their personal goals. Besides, your page is one of the places where they want to find motivation. So when your content is both teaching and inspiring, you have great chances to build a loyal community. 

Remember, then when providing people with content you should be frank and genuine. Share your personal challenges and tell people how you overcame them. Such stories attract followers and make you a real influencer.

  1. Create new content every single day.

Max claims that it’s not as easy to be an Instagram influencer. Somebody may underestimate this but, in fact, this is a real job because it brings good money. Nevertheless, to make this true you need to work hard every day not only when you have an inspiration to create something. Your audience will demand regular content and you won’t be able to attract a lot of followers without meeting their requests. 

When you’re working full-time on new content, don’t forget about consistency. When working on your personal brand, building a successful business, or whatever you want to share on social media, remember that what you do today must be better than you did a day before. Create new stuff every day and think about how you can make it more inspiring and knowledgeable. Try to make everything in the way that will make an impact on followers’ lives. Pay the most of your attention to making your content better and remember that consistency is key.   

  1. Engage with those who engage with you.

The key thing about being a successful and demanded influencer is to answer every single comment under your posts. Many users don’t pay much attention to this aspect because they consider it cannot make an influence on their personal brand. This is the biggest mistake. If you want followers to be interested in what you share, you must be interested in what they share. If you act like this, your followers will become much loyal to you. 

Don’t be afraid of having conversations with your followers. Give them a chance to speak up more, to express their thoughts and ideas. This will make them feel more comfortable so that they will be glad to visit your page again and again. Because the purpose of your personal brand is not to attract just a huge number of people but to make them loyal and reliable partners in the brand development. 

This is how social media works.

  1. Listen to feedback from your followers and adjust.

Your success on Instagram depends not only on how often you answer people’s questions but on the way you listen to their feedback. For instance, if my followers ask me about monetizing content, I will definitely find time to share some valuable tips on this topic. No matter in what way you will provide them with these tips, make sure you do this. They will appreciate that you pay attention to their feedback.

Many Instagram users forget about this important step. Some may keep posting without actually paying attention to whether their followers are interested in it. So it’s better to take time to research through their requests and feedback.

Remember, that personal brand development through Instagram is a lasting process that requires patience and consistency. Move on and don’t forget that there’s always room for improvement.

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