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The main trend that can be seen in most countries is online gambling rapidly gaining popularity. Here's which countries gamble the most.

Which Countries Gamble the Most?

Despite our cultural and social differences, all over the world, there is one thing that’s united us for millennia: virtually every culture out there loves to gamble. However, some countries gained a reputation as ones that gamble the most.

While people from some countries prefer land-based casinos, others are more into sports betting and online gambling. Thanks to the variety of options people can engage in, based on where they live, there are plenty of offline and online games for betting enthusiasts out there, as well as plenty of mobile casino reviews to consult.

But one question stands: which places are known as perfect gambling destinations, and which countries tend to gamble the most? Below, you can find out about the five territories known for the passion and engagement towards gambling.

Macau (China)

Although Macau is a part of China, it is a special administrative region that has its own government and, thus, legislative policies. Thus, though gambling is prohibited on the mainland, this city hosts a variety of casinos and other gambling-related establishments.

Macau made itself a name of gambling heaven, and most of its revenue comes from land-based casinos and hotels. Some call this city the gambling capital of the whole world, while others modestly name it Monte Carlo of the East. Basically, Macau lives on gambling-related services, and the entire city is one big entertainment and leisure place.

Nowadays, there are thirty-eight casinos in Macau, including such well-known establishments as Wynn and Sands. If you have been to Las Vegas at least ones, you have probably heard those names, as the main Wynn Palace, Sands hotels and casinos are located in Sin City. However, in Macau, you are sure to get an even more luxurious experience, staying at one of these places.

Visiting this city, you can either engage in casino games, sports betting, lotteries, or greyhound racing. Macau doesn’t have licensed online gambling services, but people come to this city to feel the thrill in real life rather than spending time in front of screens. Thus, Macau gambling establishments went the extra mile to offer their visitors the best experience they can get, and the title of the world’s gambling capital proves that these efforts were worth it.

United States

By being worth $261 billion, the US gambling industry is one of the biggest and well-established all over the world. The most popular game among Americans is poker, followed by casino games in general and sports betting.

Los Angeles is probably the most recognizable city in the world, thanks to the ton of casinos, hotels, and entertainment activities provided in the city. No wonder that its second name is Sin City, meaning one can find entertainment to their liking here and engage in the variety of available activities.

However, although Las Vegas is a well-known gambling capital, people love to gamble all over the country. For example, according to Kate Huber, New Jersey can be named the new sports betting center of the US.

Moreover, the popularity of online gambling among US citizens is gaining popularity rapidly, and the younger generation plays at online casinos a lot, compared to the elders who prefer land-based gambling establishments. However, online gambling is still regulated and not allowed in some states, so you need to double-check the legislative policies of your place. The same goes for sports betting that is not legalized all over the country, as for now.

United Kingdom

According to the BBC, last year, British gamblers spent almost fifteen billion pounds on gambling, and that’s equal to almost nineteen billion dollars. No wonder that Great Britain occupies the place on the list of the countries that gamble the most. Notably, online gambling accounts for most of the annual revenue of the industry, with 38.8% of the sum mentioned above.

In contrast to the US and poker, British people engage in the National Lottery the most. Every fourth inhabitant buys a lottery ticket at least once a month.

Besides this activity, one-third of British adults confirmed that they gambled within the last month, and this makes for tremendous figures all over the country. Moreover, one-fifth of the population said that they gambled online within the last four weeks. British men aged between twenty-five to thirty-four are most likely to engage in gambling activities, and most of them do it using their mobile phones, resulting in the rising popularity of online casino services and applications.


In Australia, you can engage in any type of gambling-related activity, from land-based casinos to slot machines that you can find at almost every dinner at a gas station. This country’s inhabitants are known to spend one of the biggest sums on gambling all over the globe. Moreover, Aussies are known as the nation, which has the biggest losses in gambling.

Gambling in Australia has been rapidly developing and popularizing, in particular, because of the deliberate government policy and availability of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in clubs and other public places. Therefore, according to the Australian Times, lately, the government has been working on legislation changes and amendments to ensure better protection to the players and more control on the gambling authorities. As a result, new operators, which are listed on, will face different entry barriers into the market than casinos 5 years ago.


In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional gambling to online gambling activities in Canada. According to Gamblers Daily Digest, although it is prohibited to base online casinos in Canada, Canadians can legally play on any foreign online gambling services.

Regarding traditional gambling activities, table games and EGMs are the most popular options among Canadians. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are the three gambling centers where people can enjoy land-based casinos, sports betting, and other activities. Overall, almost 75% of Canada’s population engage in different games, from lotteries to ice hockey and football betting.

As you can see, these countries gamble the most, but each one has its specifics and cultural preferences. The main trend that can be seen in most countries is online gambling rapidly gaining popularity. No wonder that the global online gambling and betting market is projected to be worth almost $100 billion by 2024.

However, land-based casinos with luxury designs and a variety of table games make for all-time classics. The gambling industry has a variety of options to offer so that one can find an activity to their liking.

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